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Matthew Shriver matt at itsupport.net
Fri Dec 21 17:30:32 EST 2007

I liked this little movie.  I already agree with and recognize much of what
was pointed out in the movie. And as others have pointed out here I think
there is an ibo connection.  One thing I have mentioned here before is how
strongly I felt it was very necessary for me to take responsibility for my
life and all of my actions in this world after an ibogaine experience.  The
lifestyle changes I made as result of that experience are largely due to
that commitment to take personal responsibility for the impact I have on
this planet and the people on it (to say nothing of the people yet to come).

I have been thinking lately that human beings, by and large, are very
clever, but not very smart.  A cigarette is a good example.  It's a clever
way to package and make tobacco readily smokable.  But it is ultimately not
a very smart thing.  It seems that the rich and powerful are in denial about
the state of the world.  I can't see any other way that they could continue
with "business as usual" policies and continue to disregard the impact it
has.  As was pointed out in the movie, continuous consumption, production,
and growth cannot possibly be maintained indefinitely with finite resources.
I think that until human beings start being smarter and less clever, things
will only get worse.  I actually have some hope that that could happen, but
I won't be surprised if it doesn't.

My only criticism of the movie was her overly simplistic description of
computer advances.  I agree that in principle there is a planned
obsolescence thing happening there but in say 4 years time, a LOT more than
just one chip inside has been improved upon.  Memory and processor
improvements do seem to come fastest but within 4 years there is usually
improvement in the various internal buses also that require new hard drives
and graphics cards and even CD-ROM's to take advantage of.  Would it all
work 4 years later if you didn't swap it out?  Yes of course.  But as time
goes by you have to make more and more sacrifices not to replace it.  The OS
is no longer supported, the hardware requirements of new software prevent
you from being able to use it, the media types change (5 1/2 floppy, 3 1/2
floppy, tape drives of several varieties, zip drives, jazz drives, CD's
DVD's), new devices require new interfaces (you ever try to connect a USB
2.0 device to a USB 1.0 interface?).  On and on.  Anyway I still liked the


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An interesting video.  If you want to view it in parts, you can  
access the different segments from links at the top of the page.


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