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Warren L. Theriot wleetheriot at ca.rr.com
Wed Dec 19 15:38:05 EST 2007

I recently had a second Ibogaine treatment with Ibeginagain in  
Sayulita more as a psycho-spiritual bootster than anything else.
This time it was totally different an experience than the first in  
The experience itself was intense and very strenuous. From the start  
of when the booster dose hit, I knew I was in for a test of  
endurance. I felt a lot of nausea causing me to purge several times  
in the first hour and a half. After that I don' remember much except  
hearing and sensing the Bwiti around me checking on me, talking  
amongst themselves. I was lucid for the purging, but everything else  
was like an intense dream.
The next day, I was full of energy and proceeded walk as much as I  
could, exploring the town and beaches. The ambient sounds were a real  
treat. I recorded hours of the ambience of Sayulita. I heard music  
combined with the continuous sound of the ocean that was magical.  
Those sounds I heard the second night after my treatment could not be  
recorded unfortunately.
All in all it was an intense 2 weeks I spent there. It was hot and  
humid and I was changing my shirt 2 or 3 times a day. I annoyed at  
the heat and humidity and I wanted to return home way earlier than I  
had planned I was feeling so impatient after the treatment.
I stayed the whole 2 weeks I had planned for my retreat, and I made  
good use of the time recording the ambient sounds of the jungle  
insect, birds, and waves. That I am glad I did. It gave me something  
to keep the memories fresh of my trip.
When I returned to LA, it was a different story. I could not get used  
to the colder drier temperatures easily. I got sick for nearly 2  
weeks after Thanksgiving with what felt like malaria but it wasn't.  
Now I am still kind of lethargic, but not nearly like from the  
illness itself. I had no sense of an afterglow this time and when I  
took a booster dose a week after the flood dose, I felt a tingly kind  
of stimulation effect that made me feel like I could hardly sit still  
and I was walking a thin line with nausea for 9 hours. The next day I  
had to get out and I walked about 3 or 3 miles going from the hotel  
to town to get money, eat and bring back some food for later. I would  
walk in the opposite direction about the same distance from the hotel  
to town to explore the jungle inland from the beach. I felt really  
good walking around once I worked the kinks out of my joints. I ached  
some, but the continuous exercise was always making me feel better.  
Until I returned home where I don't like walking in this neighborhood  
so much out of habit.
So I am not so sure about what the psycho-spiritual benefits are this  
I had an adventure. I learned that Ibogaine this time has absolutely  
no recreational value as far as it being a casual fun experience. I  
was in a state of automatic survival mode, it seemed when I was under  
the immediate influence of the Ibogaine because of the nausea. I felt  
no fear this time. This time I think my feeling and thoughts about  
taking opiates again are stronger than ever in that I don't have any  
desire for them. Anyway that's not the reason for the second  
treatment. After this experience, if I was to take opiates again and  
get a dependence again, I know I would be setting myself up for an  
extremely trying time to get off them with Ibogaine. Something I  
don't wish to put myself through the ordeal again.
But let me say something about addiction and drugs. My uncle has been  
telling my family about how he rescued me from a life of drugs when  
he took me away from my home after high school and saw to it I got a  
college education. At least an AA as it worked out. He was so afraid  
that I was under the influence of addiction drugs in high school. He  
thought I was running around in Hollywood with a group of drug  
addicts and dealers and the opposite was true. Living in Laurel  
Canyon where I did I was isolated from the city. I had no car, no  
drivers license in high school. Not even a bicycle to ride because my  
parents were afraid I would be hit by a car. I walked where I wanted  
to go, but I did not enjoy walking the 2 miles to Hollywood Bl where  
it was the city. Where I lived was hills covered with brush and  I  
was happy enough at home or at my friends houses in the hills nearby.  
The friends I knew in high school that I was closest with gave me no  
clues that they did drugs except for tobacco. Once in a while a  
friend would take one of his father's beers but I didn't have any  
urge to drink or smoke tobacco in the 12th grade. I didn't like  
needles from very early in childhood. I hated shots. The thought of  
stabbing myself with a needle to take drugs gave me the willies. I  
didn't like the taste of hard liquor. I like a tiny taste of wine  
once in a while, because it reminded me of my Granpa's cellar, where  
he once made wine, but it was just for what a taste and a scent would  
do to trigger good memories of my Grandparent's house. That would  
only happen rarely when my Dad would have wine with dinner. Like I  
said, very rarely. I had no urge to get drunk.
My first drug experience was from Nitrous Oxide from the dentist.
Most of that experience was unplesant, but when the drilling and  
pounding was over from having an impacted tooth removed, the dentist  
said something that made me start laughing uncontollably.
The next time I had a similar feeling was the first time I smoked  
marijuana, which by the 12th grade, I felt was the least harmful of  
all drugs. Then it became my drug of choice and I never hurt myself  
with it.
When I think about the drugs that did hurt me, the first one was  
In my opinion, alcohol is the most harmful drug. Of all the people I  
knew in my life that had drug problems, alcohol was the one that was  
the root of all evil in their lives. Everyone that died as a result  
of having their lives disrupted to the point they could not survive  
was an alcoholic first and users of other drugs second.
My uncle worked for Schlitz back when I was in high school. A  
purveyor of alcoholic beverages. And when marijuana was not  
available, I drank myself sick many times in those days in college.
Now I don't like the feeling of alcohol. I don't like tobacco and I  
especially don't want to take pharmaceutical pain killers.
So I am really sick and tired of the broken record schpiel that I  
hear from those who are bitching about how dangerous marijuana is. I  
think that religion is a far greater threat to humanity. Wars, hate,  
racism, disrespect for women and children. Thats what I see from  
Christianity and Islam. Where's the love? It's not unconditional from  
the institutions or the practitioners of Western religion the way I  
see it. The war on drugs and especially marijuana is a giant red  
herring the facists have been throwing up as a smokescreen to cover  
up a lot of other evils.
Marijuana wouldn't have to be illegal if Dupont hadn't tried to end  
all competition for nylon just before WW2. I hope Anslinger's sick  
fuck soul rots in hell!
And about my being rescued from a life of drug addiction when I was 17:
I already had the common sense to not to want to abuse alcohol. Then  
I went to work for my uncle in the summer of 67 and was exposed to  
the concept of alcoholic beverages as an economic commodity as a  
routine of the job. What I did as a working individual served to  
benefit those who sold alcohol. When I was in college, in a  
fraternity, was where I was drinking and getting sick and acting like  
a fool.
So as far as I'm concerned everyone spewing garbage about how bad  
marijuana is on the individual and society should just shut the fuck  
up and deal with the culture of alcoholism first. My Dad's brother  
just died of liver cancer in June. Cause: alcoholism.
Merry fucking Christmas!

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