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Wed Dec 19 05:51:07 EST 2007

Brendas right on w/ the Lao Tzu.  Here go
You can get a copy of the tao te ching to your door for 12 bucks.  abebooks
is the only place to go, cheapest best in town

I agree with a lot of what ya said Ny.  Except that I think ibogaine
actually can win the world's attention without matching them dollar for
dollar.  The stuff sells itself when word spreads and people are educated
about it.  Because the ibogaine world's funds are considerably less our
political moves have to be smarter and more efficient (than they have been).

For example the us gov is anticipating having a lot of soldiers come home
with serious post traumatic stress and they recently approved a human trial
study of MDMA for it's therapeutic value.  So far both the participants and
researchers have given it a big thumbs up.  I think once the psychiatric
world gets used to the idea of how therapeutic an altered state of existence
can be, it might become open to studying similar therapies.  Yage, ibogaine,
and psilocybin all fall into this category.  Maybe ibogaine should be
presented for it's therapeutic use.  Just about everybody in the US could
use some couch time but I really don't think people are gettin it, pun
intended.  Anybody know any hippie marketing directors who can give some
ideas?  What do the therapists here think about the way ibogaine is being
presented to the world?

Heres ya another
Giving this one for christmas where i usually give more expensive presents
but i'm not feeling guilty at all.  The guys a MD PHD whos researched almost
all the world's therapeutic psychoactives and has an eastern approach to
life and development.  His work focuses on developing effective treatments
for resolving the jungian conflicts.  After the first page it feels really
good in your hands, worth its weight

did somebody say it was christmas?  i couldn't hear over the cash register

hey yall have a merry christmas
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