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Nyc W. Alberts digitalcomponents at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 23:02:28 EST 2007

Our Government spends $50 billion dollars a year on The War On Drugs.

The only honest and realistic hope we have of fighting them is to match 
them dollar for dollar, because it will take that much to overcome just 
the sheer volume of propaganda that they have put out on the subject.

Short of that we will always be at a distinct disadvantage in fighting 
this battle.

It's not like that kind of money can't be raised, it can, but it will 
take a high degree of organization, which currently we are in too much 
of a disarray to have, to come up with.

I mean what's the difference between 30 million Christian Evangelical 
whack-jobs and 30 million sane pot-smokers?

They've got their shit together, and we don't.

If you stop to consider that the Porn Business, the Video Game Business, 
and the Skateboard Business are all equal to in size, or greater than, 
the Mainstream Hollywood Film Business, then coming up with the 
resources we need to effectively fight this war on an equal footing 
isn't as daunting a task it seems at first blush.

It's not just the Rehab's business model that is threatened by a viable 
treatment for addiction coming along, but the illicit drug dealers as well.

Right now the street price of a gramme of decent grade of marijuana is 
an astronomical $20 when in reality it would probably cost no more than 
a nickel to produce.

What high-end grower in his right mind would want that kind of insane 
mark-up to go away?


simon loxton wrote:
> In my previous post I mentioned mushrooms. I am not an advocate of 
> mushrooms or any other drug but I am just questioning the imprisonment 
> and laws which are imposed on drug users.
> Regarding the so called "war on drugs" how can you declare war on a 
> substance. You can only declare war on people. With the information 
> that there are more people using drugs and more people incarcerated 
> for drug offences since the conception of the war on drugs; should it 
> not be about time that the situation is reviewed?
> Why not offer treatment as a primary option for people who need help 
> and focus on the people making the real money out of addiction. Is it 
> just because going after these people is more of a threat than taking 
> down a defenceless addict? I am also sick of the demonising of the 
> addict; I deal with the effect this has on people directly, all it 
> does is cause low self esteem and the belief that they are worthless 
> and "bad" people.
> Its really high time that we look at the role of the law with regards 
> to addiction; no pun intended.
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