[Ibogaine] war on drugs

Brenda Brewer shakti at photon.net
Tue Dec 18 20:39:20 EST 2007

Lurker unlurking for a moment.

Hello All,

I have experience with the pre-mentioned Ibo provider entities and the are

However, and i write this especially for those who are seeking help, you
CAN get through your addiction with some insight.  For me, the study of
Lao Tzu as well as Buddhism have tremendous, gentle guides to the root of
the dysfunction.  It's not a cure, but another path on the road to freedom
(like Ibo). So, take money, and Ibogaine, out of the equation...especially
if you feel it's out of your reach.

I would be happy to correspond with anyone on these matters so feel free
to email personally to clear_n_free at yahoo.com.  I'm currently in San
Francisco performing on Day 2 of the "Songs of the Season" Holiday Gala
for the SF AIDS and Breast Cancer Emergency Funds.  I'll be hanging out
for 2 more days with daytime to check emails, ect.

Many gracious thanks to Eric Taube and company.

Warm wishes,

Brenda Brewer
Soul Sista Shakti

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