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That sounds about right... when this list first started up I think the
worldwide figure of people who had done ibogaine was around 500 or
less, ibogaine association wasn't open yet, marc hadn't started the
original iboga therapy house, the whole ibogaine underground was eric
taub... people would sign up here and talk about how much they wanted
to do ibo and that was it, round 2003 that changed to people talking
about wanting to do ibo, then doing it then sticking around.

I'd be surprised if the figure was more then 5000. 

--- LEE <JUNKBOY64 at MSN.COM> wrote:

> so I am 1 out of 3414 people to do ibogaine?? it seems like more
> people should have done ibogaine in one year alone? and if those
> stats are correct, how in the world did I, someone in the middle of
> utah, get ibogaine??? 

You wanted it, it came to you? dana's ibogaine synchronicities? :)

> junky

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>   Hi Vector,
>   You know this is really amazing.  I gave an interview for my friend
>   Mohammad Salahudeen's obituary and didn't discuss ibogaine at all
> and  
>   a completely erroneous statement concerning ibogaine curing heroin 
>   addiction with a single dose is attributed to me.
>   Anyay I thought you would enjoy a paper on the ibogaine subculture
> I  
>   recently coauthored.
>   Howard

I know patrick's been in them before, but mindvox makes it into a
monograph :) cool :) I feel l337 :)


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