[Ibogaine] indra exrract

simon loxton simonloxton at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Dec 11 15:57:21 EST 2007

It would be great if these internet suppliers issued a certificate with their products so you could know exactly what it was. Even with iboga the more I know now the more I know what a chance you take buying off the net and what a difference there is between what you get on the net and the real thing. Ignorance is bliss! Now that I know about the export of iboga from a Gabonese perspective and what goes on it makes me cringe. It would be cool if every one could have the opportunity for testing that they started in Amsterdam some time ago where you could take in your E's and whatever else and have them tested without worrying about getting into trouble. I think that if the authorities spent more time educating people and protecting people from this perspective there would be far less problems. I mean you cant say that since the war on drugs started that there are fewer people using them so you may as well accept it and protect the people using while
 focusing on the dodgy people funding their own private wars and personal interests. That's where things get a little blurry though.

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the indra extract,is what I used the first time to break my heavy habit... it worked great, id still take that red rocky extract if I needed it..
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if someone you love is addicted to something (heroin, cocaine, meth, ect), google ibogaine.... its worth your time..... i promise....
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that "20 yr old" extract just got a good friend off 20 bags of dope a day.maybe its like a fine wine..or perhaps an aged brandy.   adam

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Hi Simon,
From what I recall the Indra extract is now 20+ years old and was not best homogenized when some tests were done in a Slovenian lab 7 odd years ago. I don't know if it's still around even. Be interesting to find out who is now the keeper of it.
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Hello Crew;
I was wondering if anyone had information on the properties of the "indra extract"; as I am interested in working on a extract that contains most of the properties of the root bark but  which of course is more concentrated. I find that the root bark has more medicinal properties and would be interested in any information regarding previous attempts at an extract along these lines. My aim is to use this in treatments excluding opiate addiction and am at the stage where I am just collecting as much information as possible. Any information may help towards working on a suitable extraction method.

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