[Ibogaine] Searching Ibogaine support in Los Angeles California

valerie ouivalerie at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 11 15:34:56 EST 2007

Well, for now we are stuck on Venice Beach, which is Los Angeles California, so many addicted to opiates, here.  $30 a day brings on a ton of withdrawal symptoms.  Such a nightmare of fear of the police.  Where is IBOGAINE around here?  I can't find it yet.  Is is $5,500 dollars away? That's the doctor price.  If this stuff is legal in a boat offshore then there must be a way to find an affordable boat.  Is anyone walking around LA with knowledge of Ibogaine somewhere for the poor? How far offshore are you supposed to go?  Can we pick it up on the boat and take our chances coming back?  Can we order it in the mail? Can we meet someone just over the border?  We would like a Shaman, a guide, a chemist or someone that can help with this in a way that is feasible for our circumstances. Even an Indian Reservation.   I am at ouivalerie at yahoo.com

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