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Hi Nick;
Thanks for the reply. My aim is to make an extract that contains all of the benefits of the root bark but the advantage being having to consume less and also possibly removing any undesirable properties. The organic chemist I am seeing on Thursday does not have any experience with iboga so I wanted to provide him with as much information as possible. There is nothing I can find on the method of the original Indra extract. So the plan is to look at all the available information; do a spectral analysis of the root bark and then work out a method. One of the benefits working with this company is we will also be able to work on things like solubility. It is going to be interesting what comes out of it. I managed to get a sample of what is referred to as indra but I guess that is possibly just a name and not the original substance.[ And Paul dont take everything so personally; just because you gave me a method of extraction and you are not a qualified chemist
 or whatever has no bearing on the matter or mean that I dont believe you.]
Thanks for the input

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Hi Simon,
From what I recall the Indra extract is now 20+ years old and was not best homogenized when some tests were done in a Slovenian lab 7 odd years ago. I don't know if it's still around even. Be interesting to find out who is now the keeper of it.
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Hello Crew;
I was wondering if anyone had information on the properties of the "indra extract"; as I am interested in working on a extract that contains most of the properties of the root bark but  which of course is more concentrated. I find that the root bark has more medicinal properties and would be interested in any information regarding previous attempts at an extract along these lines. My aim is to use this in treatments excluding opiate addiction and am at the stage where I am just collecting as much information as possible. Any information may help towards working on a suitable extraction method.

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