[Ibogaine] indra exrract

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A/B extraction will give you the pure alkaloids, all of them.
Acid extraction will give you an extract of the alkaloid salts, all of them'
Simon, you know all this stuff already'
How come you keep asking the same questions'
Only two ways to make it, the right way and the proper way'
Fishing again I suppose'
Is there anyone you believe'
Or do they have to have a degree in sommit or be a doctor or a scientist'
Ez now'

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simon, I have done an extraction of vocagaine, ibogaine extraction will be the same.... its pretty easy and straight forward.... you just use an acid/base extraction method..
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Hello Crew;
I was wondering if anyone had information on the properties of the "indra extract"; as I am interested in working on a extract that contains most of the properties of the root bark but  which of course is more concentrated. I find that the root bark has more medicinal properties and would be interested in any information regarding previous attempts at an extract along these lines. My aim is to use this in treatments excluding opiate addiction and am at the stage where I am just collecting as much information as possible. Any information may help towards working on a suitable extraction method.

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