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I dont mean to be rude Valarie but if you say you have been studying about ibogaine for 3 months and and are thinking of working with 50$ you wont get you anything. what I suggest is that you visit http://www.ibogaine.org/ that has probably the best information available. 

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Hello, I do keep studying ibogaine for about 3 months now.  I have watched a lot of videos, and called the clinics.  Currently, I haven't seen any options below $5,500.  And all the emails I've send to buy the stuff isn't answered.  In the first place $5,500 is out of the question. So are most other prices over $50 on my budget.  I live in the US.  What's the way to buy this stuff and get do it yourself instructions? Can a person buy this in Canada or Mexico without a prescription? Where is the education on this does anyone have any really good links to sources of ibogaine?

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