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No poblem Simon, my bad. If she was coming to me, after my experience with 
Benzos, I would make her drop them first. The added body numbness is 
awesomely horrible, and would be quite disconserting to anyone that did not 
I plead caution.
It would be easy for her to drop them for maybe a little more opiate for a 
while, then attempt detox.
All my experience with Benzos says comlicated detox.

I need to speak private off list.
I tryed your email addy no good came back to me.

Can you message me a contact through   anavar at vodafone.net   tnxs Simon.

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>I have no Idea why you thought that I was holding you in question mate. It 
>is a total misunderstanding my recent comments were for the person who 
>plans on detoxing this woman who is on a multitude of drugs and does not 
>want to get more experienced help which I think is foolish, as the drugs 
>being methadone and benzos inc opiates which as you know is not as easy as 
>opiates to detox from.
>Pax Simon
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>Hello Simon,
>                Yes I have took Iboga. I used 5x Extract to smash 150ml
>Methadone 150mg Val Alcohol, anti-depressants, Cocaine an Tobacco. I 
>treatments with Iboga root bark/Ibogaine hcl.
>I note all that you say, but I wasn't stupid enough to not study the said
>Ibogaine before taking it.
>I am a Chemist and bachelor of science. I studied Iboga/Ibogaine for six
>years before taking it.
>My comment was not meant to be taken literally, meaning taking Iboga alone
>without a sitter.
>I had a sitter/provider when I detoxed.
>My comment was meant at, going and taking the said problem into your own
>hands and doing something about it other than listening to doctors and drug
>Now I see and have no problem with ingesting Iboga/Ibogaine. Have done the
>said many times. I even now do not throw up on doses under fifteen grams.
>I have just finished a fifteen gram rootbark ingestion to help with
>shingles. Zostas.
>Other than ataxia that causes nausea and the crashing light after for about
>35 hours, I see no problem.
>I sit with my clients, sometimes for 60 hours.
>You would have to be some serious fool to jump into Iboga without study.
>Some serious fool to use Opiates or any other such substance after Iboga.
>Just because I sit in the background does not mean I do not know anything.
>I have facilitated in 6 detoxes in the last 7 months. One with Ibogaine HCL
>and the rest with Iboga root bark.
>I even have people on a low dose regime for the smoking habit.
>To date I have took large doses of Iboga 5 times and Ibogaine hcl once. I
>have been eating 1grm a day for the last 6 days for it's anti-viral
>I think I know Iboga by now.
>I had no fear when I first took it and definitely have no fear now.
>All of what you are suggesting is about bad information and giving in to
>ones fears.
>As to surrendering to your care giver.
>Poppy cock.
>Surrendering to your self is what taking Iboga is all about, not
>surrendering to any one else.
>It is you that is experiencing Iboga after ingestion not the provider.
>If all has been made clear before hand, then the treatment provider is just
>there to see that things go smoothly.
>When I detoxed, other than my treatment provider being in the house, to see
>to my welfare, we had very little contact. She new that the experience for
>me was my experience and that any anchoring I got from the said experience
>had to come from me.
>I well understand the stress of providing facilitation's for detox.
>My comment was meant as a dig at authorities and doctors.
>Stuff them, all else has failed. Do it yourself.
>I DIY'd with the help of said provider. She sat in the same house and 
>me change my clothes when I burst into sweat (after ingesting Iboga) and 
>there to see that I did not inhale my own vomit. Other than that I was on 
>As it should be.
>Comments please.
>I feel that you seem to put me down, without any inquiry as to who I am and
>what I am doing.
>I grant to you that my services are as of yet at a young age, but I can
>attest to 6 interventions to some quite horrific narcotic habits.
>We should all be in this together. It is not an ego thing. I am better than
>you type thing.
>I studied Iboga for six years before I got dead enough to take it. So I
>guess I learnt a thing or two over the years.
>I have no fear in treatments, because I understand fully what I am doing. I
>have logical cautions and take good precautions. No client of mine, whilst
>in my company would be so stupid as to say it is not working.
>The test dose would prove that Iboga can stop withdrawals.
>Tomorrow I have a lady coming to try and stop taking Codeine.
>She knows, like all of my facilitation's that Iboga works, because she went
>for 14 hours without painkillers and then ingested a smallish amount of
>Iboga (2grams) which had the effect of alleviating the said withdrawal.
>Comments please my friend.
>I feel a little wounded.
>                                   Salt Love and Light Paul'
>            Ibo'
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