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sorry just one quickie. How is she going to manage the pain after the detox? Ibo is not comparable to any entheogens I have taken which include: 
mescalin crystals,  Liberty Caps, moon-flower, scalitium, thorn apple, amanita (MDMA, Lsd, Lsa,DMT,) psychedelics and tryptamines, I would also checking out personal experiences unless you have already.
I will try help where I can just contact me off the site with the address I gave so no personal information is divulged, I am not an expert but I will share what experience I have.

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I am a clinical psychologist on medical staff at a large urban hospital.  I have a lot of experience managing complex and difficult cases.  My friend recently underwent all these tests to rule out any underlying health issues contributing to her chronic pain.  It is neurologically based and poorly controlled by opiate meds.  Her doc wants her to come off all meds to begin anew.  The thought of staying on opiates even one more day, at this point, is unendurable.  Of course, she could do the 10% per month slow approach and go on subutex/suboxon, but is not amenable to that course of action.  Frankly, she'd rather go cold turkey and get it over with; opiate withdrawal is not fatal.  She is a mental health professional, as am I, and we have both led many sessions with a wide variety of powerful entheogens over the last 20 years.  So we're not naive about what we're doing at all.  I am only looking for information based on the experience of others in this area.  Given what I've
 read so far, we're going with 18mg/kg, stopping all meds 48 hours prior to the session.  I do appreciate your input.  Thank you for sharing your perspective. 


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