[Ibogaine] Good news from the Beckley Foundation!

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That's Really excellent, I can hardly believe it. I just remember when, I think it was Doctor Marks, made it possible for junkies in England to get heroin and cocaine. Crime went down, there was allot of advances around the board, Then he was shut down.
Then there was needle park in Switzerland where they offered needle exchanges and allowed possession for personal use. That was shut down because they said that all these junkies in the park would affect tourism. As a result all the junkies moved into an abandoned underground train station.
I hope this one works out.

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Good news from the Beckley Foundation!

We have at last obtained the final permissions to start the Beckley
Foundation/University of California LSD Project in San Francisco.  This will
be the first study using LSD on human subjects since prohibition blocked all
such scientific research in the 1970s.  Since then, great advances have been
made in neuroscience and brain-imaging techniques.  The study will explore
why LSD causes such profound changes in consciousness, and how it affects
creativity and problem-solving.

We hope that this first study will open the door to a wider exploration of
the neural processes underlying consciousness and show how LSD might be a
useful tool in neuroscience, in psychotherapy, in personal development and
for enhancing creativity.

Another exciting development is the recent publication in the Lancet, one of
the world's leading medical journals, of a paper by Professors Colin
Blakemore, David Nutt and others, calling for the reclassification of drugs
of potential misuse according to a rational scale of harm.  This new scale
would be regularly revised as scientific understanding advances, and would
also include such legal drugs as alcohol and tobacco (which account for
about 90% of all drug-related deaths in the UK).  The thinking behind this
article was developed at the workshops and seminars of the Beckley
Foundation, and has already been influential in persuading a House of
Commons Select Committee to condemn the current government classification as
"not fit for purpose."

For further information please contact:

Amanda Neidpath


The Beckley Foundation

office at beckleyfoundation.org

Tel: +44 (0)1865 351209

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