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> Well, the question of jurisdiction -- why they are suing in Florida if
> your original discovery took place in New York -- is an interesting
> one.  Why didn't I go to law school?

Because Florida is where they are and that is where their power base and 
connections exist.   It has nothing to do with where anything was invented. Her 
attorney is/was her husband (not sure of current status) and had been chairman 
of the dade country democratic party.   I would presume legal bills to her are 
more on paper than real money unlike myself who is having to depend on 
donations from friends to defend myself in court.   That is if my attorney is allowed 
to present our arguments which is what the current dispute is all about 
rights now...trying to get our position heard before the court rather than giving 
up our rights to be heard. You should review my original message and read the 
Judge's Order Re: Pending Motions. 


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