to everybody stuck on the list

Matthew Shriver Matt at
Sun Sep 10 15:37:16 EDT 2006

If you are stuck on the list maybe this will help.  There are two different
instructions for getting off of the list that I have found.  One in the
welcome message (that you receive when you join the list) describes an
individual unsubscribe address.  For instance mine was:
" at".  You can see by that
what your individual unsubscribe address would look like.  The other is of
course the generic one we see in the list commands which is
ibogaine-unsubscribe at  Send a blank message with a blank subject
line.  Just for the record, when I unsubscribed in January I used the
generic address and it worked flawlessly.  You should then receive a
confirm-unsubscribe email that you need to respond to in order to finish the
process.  If that doesn't work then I guess you're screwed.  May the force
be with you.


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