[Ibogaine] Eco Man and the Peter Cohen Principle

Vector Vector vector620022002 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 8 13:02:02 EDT 2006

--- Eye of the Bhogi <freedomroot at gmail.com> wrote:

> Things boys-to-men engage in that girls-to-women seem not to:
> a) circle jerks
> b) pissing contests
> c) "procuring women for..." their mentors

You forgot

d) running the world without asking permission or wondering it its
politically correct

> This is not about massaging one's ego or masturbating an ideological
> agenda.

Yes it is.

> This is not about how far you can shoot your wad or mark your
> territory.

Yes it is.

> This is not about getting laid... or making fun of anyone else's
> love-styles.

Yes it is.
> This is about interrupting addiction.

Sorry, in theory it is, the reality is obviously not the same as the
theory, or ibogaine would already be readily available.

> This is about no-more-dead mommies, dead daddies, dead sons, dead
> daughters, dead brothers, dead sisters, dead girlfriends, dead
> boyfriends, dead friends, dead lovers, dead anybody.
> About rolling the stone away from the mouth of the cave... that giant
> stone heart.
> Multiple modalities of treatment options.
> Multiple modalities of political strategy.
> Multiple priorities for moving scientific research agendas forward on
> multiple vectors.
> Anything else I'm missing, that's more important than who's got the
> biggest, longest  wonder wand????

No, because if you take a look at the whole world, who's got the
biggest, longest, wonder-wand is obviously THE most important thing.

You're obviously right Eye of the Bhogi and any enlightened male
sitting in a women's studies class would agree with you. Your problem
is that being right doesn't change anything either. For all his many
faults including being too hard headed to listen to anybody and causing
nearly as many problems as he helps solve, Dana and the other "boys
with their wonder wands" like Rob Kampia and Peter B. Lewis, are doing
something to cause change, sometimes it even works and after the most
important issues of ego, money and natchurally ho's, have been
resolved, there is some time left over to cover drugs :)

This is Dana's cue to ignore everything everyone wrote that isn't
relevant to his interest and write 30 more paragraphs about Rob Kampia
and Peter B. Lewis ;) Dana if you can, please provide photographic
proof of your allegations, hi-res pix please don't let your supporters


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