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Still  that besides. I am glad I have no cravngs. My veiw and feeling of  
attempting to use narcotics again, just tells me that i would have to be  
completely crazy to want to go down that road again.
But I can say for  those that know. I do not even get that squermy feeling in 
my gut or any  wriggly feelings when I think of Opiates. The Iboga white 
wallled the  whole memory from my body and my psyche'
I am curious though Sara' as to  what the chemical agent is in the implant.
Slow release Ibogaine?
I  would like to know of this info thoiugh.
Love and Light  P'

I'm guessin' it is nalexone, naltrexone.....whatever and however you spell  
it. I've read that there have been reports of it being used for alcohol too.  
Nalexone is a complete antagonist. It can be used to bring back somebody while  
an OD is going on if caught in time of course. It puts an addict into  
immediate withdrawals. Given to a person after a treatment for Ibogaine might be  a 
good idea for some. It would make it nigh on impossible.................well  
it would make it real hard to get high. I guess if you did enough you could 
get  high but it would take a whole, whole lot. Tell us Sara. Is that what you 
are  talking about? I didn't know they had them that lasted a year though.
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