[Ibogaine] research + more

Paul Brookshaw jiggy9 at hotmail.co.uk
Tue Oct 31 17:24:26 EST 2006

Sar wrote :
              since a while I got a real good contact with a clinic that 
does a year
implant( heroin and alcohol), that is for people who would like to have
more security of staying clean
after the ibo. detox.

Hi Sara,
         An implant after Ibo. Well for me Ibo was such of a most powerful 
psychological experience, that, that is my implant.
Implanted in my psyche' that I never want to go there again.

Still that besides. I am glad I have no cravngs. My veiw and feeling of 
attempting to use narcotics again, just tells me that i would have to be 
completely crazy to want to go down that road again.
But I can say for those that know. I do not even get that squermy feeling in 
my gut or any wriggly feelings when I think of Opiates. The Iboga white 
wallled the whole memory from my body and my psyche'
I am curious though Sara' as to what the chemical agent is in the implant.
Slow release Ibogaine?
I would like to know of this info thoiugh.
                                  Love and Light P'

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