Oakland Conference Coming UP

Dana Beal dana at phantom.com
Mon Oct 30 15:21:57 EST 2006

Who all is coming to the Oakland Harm Reduction Conference? The  
ibogaine panel is on for Friday the 10th. I'm on it talking about  
immune-modulatory effects, along with Howard, Dimitri, Patrick and  
others. I've been trying to get Patrick to post a complete schedule  
for the weekend, but so far he hasn't gotten around to it.

For those who can't afford the whole conference, there is also a  
followup in S.F on Sunday with much the same panel. I've been having  
a lot of fun do research on the putative link between ibo's action  
at  the 3apha4beta nicotinic acetylcholine receptor and the  
expression of GNDF in the ventral tegmental axon. Since it involves  
messenger RNA, it might explain 18 MC's anti-HIV, anti-hep C effects.  
For the complete discussion, you'll just have to come to the panel/.


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