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Hi Marco,
           Sara's House, Breukelen, outside Amsterdam. Holland.
I flew from England. Norwich, Norflok and landed early, on a cold bright 
Sunday morning in Scipole Airport.
Cleared customs and went to get the train to Breukelen.
At breukelen train station I was met warmly by Sara Glatt, who took me to 
her house.
A picturesque farm house in the country.
After being interviewed by a journalist from Nova TV on the Monday morning. 
I took 1.2 gram of Iboga Extract, as a test dose at 11 am.
I lay and played with the internal visuals for about three hours, then took 
a flood dose of a further 4 grm of Iboga Extract.

I wrote this as an account of my experience. Very shallow compared to what 
actually happened over about 78 days, but I hope you get the picture.

I have added bits, as my memory of the trip is still very vivid and I am now 
able to slow down enough to write coherently. lol

Hello all,
My name is Paul and I have just completed Iboga treatment. Ok I know it is 
not what you want to here, but, yes I did it for addiction to Opiates. As to 
there being other entheogenics that would do the same for addiction as Ibo, 
sorry there is not.
Fly garic shrooms work well, but they are not strong enough to get you 
through the tree top affect and get you past the pain threshold, also they 
do not last long enough. Amanita is a most wonderful pain killer. Mushrooms 
work well for a little habit, but when it comes to Methadone, only Ibo is 
strong enough.
As for personal insight and self awareness, the Iboga is the tool.
My experience was of a 53 hour trip, then slowly but surely a rising of 
energy that was sustained by good food and water. You would not take it for 
As to taking it for self exploration, I think that you would have to be off 
your nut to even consider it, as. I have taken and used many entheogens in 
my life, but no trip gets even near to the extremes that Iboga gets you. OTT 
I ingested 5.2 grams of Extract, and experienced a very colourful internal 
scenery, at first something like an archway with blood dripping down in 
droplets and then slowly changing to all the colours of the rainbow. A bit 
like Tetris, but dissolving into what seemed like earth at the bottom. I 
found it best to keep the eyes closed as the visuals are quite nasty. Black, 
red and white jagged triangles, and lots of leaves and trees.
As I tried to cope with not chucking up the flood dose, by lying on my back 
in the dark and breathing through the nausea, the trip got stronger. As I 
breathed my consciousness breathed and expanded. rolling slowly but surely 
outward, until I became as a flat universe of reds and browns. I became a 
universe, expanding and spiraling, centred around a black hole. Clouds as my 
feelings thoughts and emotions rolled  through this flat plain like imminent 
storms, rolling and folding amongst each other.
The only real way to explain this is. The lazers in night clubs, that fire a 
flat beam/triangle across the club, pink and red with smoke rolling through 
the lights.
I seemed to be lying flat, face down above this plain, and traveling across 
it at great speed. I travelled across the central black vortex of the 
centre, looked in, backed off and travelled on. I remember looking and 
saying to myself. Not here for this. Unknown. Un-chartered. Not fear, but, 
not here to get lost. I felt the vortex suck at me and I glimpsed many 
masks, faces, women, children, white wispy birds, spiraling down and in. As 
I looked I felt, entities pull gently at me. I backed off and traveled to 
the edge of my consciousness, the edge of my universe. Stood, like a warrior 
at the edge of time on sentry duty. Many many more spiraling universes 
surrounded me, but each was to far a distance for me to step off of my edge 
and reach. I turned and travelled back.
I was in the jungle. Every animal conceivable galloped across the ground 
below me and the noise was awesome. Birds, monkeys, insects. I remember 
leaning against a tree and peering at the sun through the lofty heights of 
trees and vines. The sunlight seemed to dapple me, sparkle and dance through 
the leaves, like water in a bubbling stream. I felt like a wet pebble being 
carressed by warm bubbling earthy water. Birds everywhere aloft.
I saw many little black children with little square hats on there heads and 
oyster shells at the side of their eyes,. Each had a stick in the right hand 
and they where running through the trees, prancing, dancing and singing and 
herding many many little furry animals in front of them. The forest floor 
was absolutely writhing in little fury animals.
When I roared at the jungle, a massive tree came out of my mouth.
Everything was writhing with life. I was surrounded by trees vines bushes 
and what seemed like every living thing on the planet, surrounded me and 
slowly carressed my inner being. I came across a pool (same one I used to 
fish when a child) and peered in at the baby Carp. (This was a special place 
for me as a child). I tentatively lent forward and touched the water and got 
flooded with bitter sweat and loving memories. All of them making me. I 
folded out through the surface of the pool and felt as if I was the pool and 
me all at the same time.
I had lots of visions of my childhood, but the real experience started about 
a week after.
The Iboga reduced me to an Atom, moleculed me, divided my cells (showed me 
conception) then split me into Seven and then made me do everything in 
Hand, heart, mind.
The personal conflict was immense. It was as if I had been crucified. 
Mentally, and if I tried to go against my conscience I got disaplined. With 
feelings of imminent      (Stop, non existence, self imposed fear. My 
conscience even threatened to kill me if I took Valium again. A very heavy 
kind of yes. no game, that if I tried to go against, I got slapped hard.)
I have studied the bible most of my life, but to actually live the text as 
it is written was heavy.
I spent three days on my bathroom floor being fed honey and bread and tea, 
by my wife.
I had to eat every two hours otherwise the Iboga makes you feel like you are 
going to die.
My revelations lasted well over six weeks, and I can still get up with good 
food and water.
I wrote a lot of the stuff down whilst I was Iboga nutted, so if anyone 
would like a read, give me a shout please.
As to taking Iboga for self exploration, I wouldn't do it, as the experience 
is very very intense.
Once in my life is enough;')~~~
It is nearly 8 weeks since my sesh and I am still out in the cosmos.
Freaking naturally.
Some 8 weeks later and I can still feel the iboga. I was completely gone for 
6 weeks+.
When I was a child I had the same openness and psychic energy, but I was 
scared of it.
Now I can use these abilities and feel very calm and at peace in knowing 
there is nothing to FEAR.
The point of taking Iboga for the Addiction of Opiates is that the Iboga 
rewires the synapses and enables one to get over the retardant withdrawal 
syndrome very quickly. What would take some three years is achieved in 7 
When I iboga'd I was only 8 stone 3lb, now I weigh 11 stone 6lb. I work out 
in the gym and am getting quite big.
To get oneself emotionally, mentally, spiritually sorted after 23 years of 
hell is not done naturally, by just giving up.
As it would take maybe ten years to sort out all the crap.
I am now quite a together person after being in hell for so long.
Have fun, live life to the full and give of and receive of much love, for 
that is why we are here.

Wow heavy flood of emotions, going back through that, but somehow 
reassuring, as a sign that the pain and distress is over.

Six months after taking Iboga I am still going through a kind of gathering 
process, simulating, kind of like bubbles returning to me that have been 
blasted outward into the cosmos and are slowly returning to me.
The most astounding thing is that memory of my Iboga sesh puts me back 
intouch with the spirit of this wonderful plant and makes my hair stand on 
end with incredible power.


Wow what a journey and it isn't over yet.

                                     Love ands light P'

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