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so one day I go on the net to find the lyrics Shadow Project's  holy holy, 
turns out its a Bowie song, but that not important ..... There were  also 2 
reviews for the song.

Holy Holy 

Listen Lady, let  me lie low, lie low with you
To be lie-high-high-high-high-high, my! Oh  my!
Slowly, we get too good and too holy
Helping one another, just a  righteous brother
Night time, get me back in the night time
I don't want  to be angel, just a little bit evil
I feel the devil in me

Holy,  holy
Hold on to anyone, hold on to anyone
But just let me be
Holy,  holy
Hold on to anyone, hold on to anyone
Let go of me

Listen Lady,  let me lie low, lie low with you
To be a lie-high-high-high-high-high, my! Oh  my!

Holy, holy
Hold on to anyone, hold on to anyone
But just let me  be
Holy, holy
Hold on to anyone, hold on to anyone
Let go of  me
David Bowie

holy holy | Reviewer:  Scott Lockhart | 2/10/2006 
well first of all the first review is just not  what people are not wanting 
when they read a review of this song. They want a  review about the song and 
not just a essay on god. Anywho fortunately i will be  doin that. so first of 
all the song has a good rhythm to it and i think draws  the listener in when u 
first hear it. As nearly all of David's song writing  techniques, he writes a 
random story and picks the right words that fit well  with each other so it 
wont obviouslly be true so who ever done the first review  is talking crap and i 
wont be suprised to hear that you are a vicar or  somethin.

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understanding |  Reviewer: kathleen smith | 8/30/2005

apparently, God's meaning of holy  and Mr. bowie's meaning of holy are two 
different words. the devil can never be  holy, he is a fallen angel. since you 
are so willing to have a little bit of him  (the devil) in your life neither 
can you be holy. the bible says, "be ye holy,  for God is Holy." be ye cleansed 
of your sins in this life to receive a better  life to come. remember tomorrow 
is promised to no man, and sufficient of the day  is it's own trouble. there 
are many youths i suspect that look up to you as a  positive role model. for 
you to write a song that is in direct contradiction of  the word of God makes 
you lost in Him. what will you tell him when you see him  face to face. that 
you chose to be holy in lust, and in love with the world.  what will you tell 
him? there are many christians who sing praises unto our God,  yet many can not 
be heard because of songs like this pressing into the ears of  our young 
people. you have a moral obligation to youth and anyone else who  listens to your 
music. God loves you, "it is not his will that any should  perish, but all 
should come to repentance." i'm sorry is two of the shortest  words in the english 
dictionary, but two of the most difficult words for us to  speak when we've 
wronged someone else. our pride wants to take over, and so does  this hero of 
yours named satan (the devil). all we have to do is tell God we're  sorry for 
our wrong doings, and mean it, and ask Jesus to come into our hearts  and He 
will forgive us of our sins. you might be saying is it that simple, yes  it is 
that simple. as long as you are sincere about going to heaven. i use to  listen 
to some of your music, before i became a Christian. i use to watch you  when 
you would make appearances on tv, only in glancing. i would think within  
myself, what a handsome man, who appears to have a kind soul and heart. where is  
that man? and does he want that kind heart and soul? only Jesus can help you  
find that man, ask Him today, while today is today. He'll help you. thank you  
for reading this email. remember Jesus loves you very much.

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Say  what you will but I agree with the handsome man on tv.

so what do you  think? I want to know.

Big ups to Biscuit Boy, Big D, Mark My man Sal,  and everybody else.... 
people I know... people I'll get to  know.    
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