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Hey guys:  I got sober @ 29  thru AA and had 18 great yrs.  Then my whole
world crashed and I was on the shite again.. I did IBO 2x's and the only
reason it didn't work was cuz I couldn't take enough time off work to regain
my strength.  I say if it works you do it,  whatever the f++k it is, plant
extract, god, whatever.  I wish it would've worked for me but it ain't part
of my plan evidently.  Paul and Randy,  keep truckin' bros.  My providers
were top flight,  my body was just beat to shit at 56
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> I'm laughin' this morning.) What fucks me up is these people really don't
> think I'm that bad off. If I could really tell these assholes what was on
> my mind..............Let's see last year I was..........na better not say
> that. OK .............after I took the spaceship ride the withdrawals went
> away and I felt pretty good......................na can't say that either.
> OK when they say how are you feeling today Mr. Faulconer I'll just say
> pretty good. And when that fucker at the AA meeting says "Keep Coming
> Back" I'll look him dead in the eye and say BLOW ME
> Nice one Randy, I can totally relate, you just made my day.
> When I got back from Holland and the Agency I used to get the Meth and
> stuff from, found out I done Iboga, my councilor/co-worker, phoned me,
> after a weekend study of Iboga and Ibogaine.
> All she could ask was, "Have you come down yet?" "I hear it last 6 or 7
> weeks."
> I answered. "It's better than fuckin Methadone, and I only have to take it
> once"
> I get an answer of Oh!
> Then she makes appointments for me to see the head shrink and the doctor
> who prescribed for me.
> She also says that it is chemical and to throw all the hypnotics,
> anti-spasmodics, anti-depressants and opiates/meth DFs (codeine), scag,
> plus alcohol away all in one go was dangerous and I could die.
> All I could reply was that I was dead taking them, and hung up.
> I do not see them at the moment as there fear is just to great. I don't
> fit the mold and I can't be molded. Tough eh? lolol
> I still got three scripts I can have when ever I fall flat on my face
> without their help.
> Basically meaning I shouldn't have done what I did, without giving them
> the chance to talk me out of it.
> Well sorry folks. It's my life and I cow toed and listened to all you
> professionals most of my adult life and was fed full of crap most of my
> childhood. So Fuck you!!!
> That was my answer. I get thrown back at me, "we do care about you Paul,
> you do know that don't you?"
> How much they cared was to the point of total chemical frontal lobotomy.
> Kept them in a job though.
> Be good Randy, tread lightly in nurdsville, as they have all got bills to
> pay. lol
>                                              Have a good one brother.
>                                                               Love an
> Light P'
> P.S. Keep coming back, it works if you work it, it won't if you don't.
> The sad thing is the last time I was in one of them rooms, I heard (an
> addict) /(I am an addict) my name is t----. Say " I hate this fucking
> disease"
> The chap had been clean for fifteen years and never missed a meeting.
> Hi my name is Paul and I'm an addict.
> I'm addicted to life. lol
> Sorry folks, can't take non of that shit no more.
> I saw him three days ago and he commented on how well I looked.
> I told him about my Iboga sesh.
> He should try it.
> He then totally firkin stunned me.
> He said. "Oh, that's cheating man. We don't swap one drug for another and
> I don't take mind altering substances, but you do look well.
> Wow!!! fakery or what? And I thought I was messed up.
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