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He said.  "Oh, that's cheating man. We don't swap one drug for another and I 
don't  take mind altering substances, but you do look  well.

Yep, been there done that. It was like a month after being treated for  
methadone addiction and I went to my old home group in Erie PA. (I did get a few  
things outta AA I must admit) It was a gratitude meeting and I stood up and 
said  I was grateful for the Bwiti tribe in Africa showing us the way with Iboga 
and  Ibogaine and it went over like a fart in a scuba tank. You could hear a 
pin drop  in there. I guess they figured I had finally completely lost it. I 
had been  going to that group for like 6 years off and on, mostly on oxycontin  
LOL  Anyway, I told my first sponsor about the Ibogaine and how I had quit  
drinking for 6 years but I had never stopped talking opiates, I was just never  
honest about it and I finally can be now, he said the same thing to me. "We  
don't take drugs to get off of drugs." I tried to explain to him about Bill W.  
doing acid in search of this effect and he just pissed on it. I aint been 
back  there since. I think if Bill W. were alive today he would be all for it. O 
well,  the narrow minded can just stew in their disease, me, I'm going to do 
what ever  it takes. I have fucked up with alcohol a few times in the past 
couple of  years but I aint givin' up. I'll do another treatment too, it's just 
hard to  talk myself into it, if you know what I mean. I think you do. Ibogaine 
may  be a mind altering substance but it's a life changing substance too. It's 
        Peace Love and  Solidarity         Randy
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