[Ibogaine] Re: [Ibogaine] legal from a crim/ Tnx Randy.

Paul Brookshaw jiggy9 at hotmail.co.uk
Fri Oct 27 22:53:08 EDT 2006

Cheers Randy. I hear you done quite an outstanding job yourself mate. Good 
on you brother.
                                              Love and Light P'

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>Hello  Brad,
>I am forty four  brother, I was fourty three when I got
>unsprunge with Iboga.
>A  wonderful experience, but extreemly distressing. For sure the most
>powerful physical and psycological experience of my whole life and never
>shall be repeated. Opiates suck, big time.
>For the first week I felt  kind of numb, then things just got more and more
>Sweating,freezing, flushing, goose flesh and a lot  I can  say of non
>physical pain. My only sight at this point was that my body had  in it what 
>needed to sort itself out, and if not well there was fuck all  I could do
>about it, so if this was the way things where, I would just  have to live
>with it. I gave up. Slight changes in temperature where  extreemly painful,
>as my skin kept goosing up with uncontrolled energy. No  bone crushing pain
>though. At one point I just became a bag of skin and  bones on the bed
>I was quite suprised at being so high, tripped out and  having to deal with
>all the strange body sensations (extreemly numb, with  inner sensitivity,
>that kept shifting all the time, like hundreds of furry  animals running 
>my skin) that I was able to sleep a  little.
>Damn Paul, I thought methadone sucked. I'm glad you made it, I don't know  
>I could have.
>                                  Randy

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