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Now  contact my secretary in contonou_benin  his name is, OmammaSam,Pls  
contact on  mail;omamma_sam at yahoo.co.uk, ask him to send you the total of  
$800.000.00 which i kept for your compensation for all the past efforts and  attempts 
to assist me in this matter

Damn, why didn't I think of this before. I've gotten probably 20 of these  
messages from all over the world. Places like Uruguay and Nigeria, and  
Sudan......etc. I guess I'm just the luckiest dude in the world but I feel  so guilty 
about screwing all those people in my past that I don't take them up  on it 
and continue to flagellate myself by being poor. I think I'll start  taking them 
up on it and donate the money to 'ol George to help him fix the  budget. All 
I gotta do is send them my name and address, cell number, passport  
information and stuff like that and sit back and collect. Whadaya think? I  may even 
keep a little for myself. I feel sooo stupid. Why didn't I do this  before? Yall 
want some money too? Just send your Email address to that dude on  the top of 
the note. That mymammasamfuckme dude or what ever his name is.
         Aint life a  bitch?            Randy
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