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Show  them _http://www.oasas.state.ny.us/AdMed/meds/fyiibogaine.cfm_ 


Thanx Dana, I had forgotten about that link. Not that I have any faith in  
SOME of these people I have to deal with would have the wherewithal to actually  
look at it. I found yesterday an exception to this though. The lady at the  
mental health end of it had actually heard of Ibogaine and seemed to really be  
on the ball. What's been going on with me is a prime example of why the  
government has a multi trillion dollar deficit. I have to go through 5 or 6  
people to get one thing done. It's seems like this org. spends 100,000 dollars  to 
keep from having to pay 10,000. I'm sure that some people try and abuse this  
system so they have rules in place to keep it from happening but what I have 
to  go through to get things done borders on the ridiculous. I filled out 
papers in  Aug. to get the ball rolling and I am STILL being put on hold. Yea, I  
turned in a clean urine, and yea I go to every scheduled meeting so therefor I  
can't have that much of a problem, right? Bullshit, I'm just motivated to do 
the  right thing. My past speaks for itself. I want to make sure that I don't 
have to  go through this again and that I can put my past where it belongs and 
not have  to worry about my addiction raising it's ugly head at the most 
inopportune  time. FINALLY!! And like I really need to prove I'm nuts too. Well, I 
guess  you can call depression nuts. This lady yesterday thinks I'm a little 
manic too.  Naaaaaa, ya reckon? I'm not manic I'm an ego maniac with an 
inferiority complex.  Wait a minute that's manic aint it? OK I accept 
that.................no I  don't................shut up.................who said that? Look 
at the  grouse.........look at the grouse. What happened? Just shut 
up........and sit in  the corner..............and play your guitar Randy. OOOO.....OK.
           "I must be  first to get my medication..... I'm always first." 
(Pee Wee Herman)
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