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Hello  Brad,
I am forty four  brother, I was fourty three when I got 
unsprunge with Iboga.
A  wonderful experience, but extreemly distressing. For sure the most  
powerful physical and psycological experience of my whole life and never  
shall be repeated. Opiates suck, big time.
For the first week I felt  kind of numb, then things just got more and more  
Sweating,freezing, flushing, goose flesh and a lot  I can  say of non 
physical pain. My only sight at this point was that my body had  in it what I 
needed to sort itself out, and if not well there was fuck all  I could do 
about it, so if this was the way things where, I would just  have to live 
with it. I gave up. Slight changes in temperature where  extreemly painful, 
as my skin kept goosing up with uncontrolled energy. No  bone crushing pain 
though. At one point I just became a bag of skin and  bones on the bed
I was quite suprised at being so high, tripped out and  having to deal with 
all the strange body sensations (extreemly numb, with  inner sensitivity, 
that kept shifting all the time, like hundreds of furry  animals running over 
my skin) that I was able to sleep a  little.

Damn Paul, I thought methadone sucked. I'm glad you made it, I don't know  if 
I could have.
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