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Show them http://www.oasas.state.ny.us/AdMed/meds/fyiibogaine.cfm


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> Just lookin' at that header makes me laugh. They aint no Ibogaine  
> and the system. Dat's what I'm sayin' man. I'm in the middle a  
> major cluster fuck. I'm tryin' to do the right thing here and have  
> went to the system for some help. In NY you can get help for being  
> an addict thru the system. I read that, I swear to God I read that  
> on the papers they give you to fill out. OK I'll go for it then. I  
> went to 'em and said, "I'm an addict please help me." OK" they  
> said, "first thing you gotta do is fill out these papers and we'll  
> get back to ya in a month." FINALLY I get an appointment to see  
> somebody after 2 months and they give me a piss test. I drop and  
> they say "you have no drugs in your system you can't be an addict."  
> Wait a minute "do you wanna see the track marks on me and tell that  
> to the doc who treated me for Hep C and by the way you wanna split  
> a bundle I'm a little short and I can't quite get enough together  
> to get 10 bags. But 5 ought to at least get me off". Mother  
> fuckers. " And by the way I'm also a crazy mother fucker and I'm  
> thinkin' of doing something desperate." This lady looks at me and  
> says "are you serious?" "I just asked you to split a bundle with me  
> what do you think?" How often do you have these thoughts? An hour?  
> How often an hour do I have these thoughts? I'm kiddin' and she  
> doesn't get the joke. "OK lets get a little history here." So we go  
> thru the whole thing and BOY does it look bad on paper. When I get  
> to the part about the Ibogaine I see two X's come in her eye's and  
> she says. "REALLY?" Yea really. I aint hadda shoot my breakfast in  
> two years now but I'm still kinda whacked, what can you do for me?
>            OK, I'll try and get to the point here. I'm goin' to a  
> men's group every week day morning and I'm going to see a shrink  
> this morning and I'm sure they are going to try and put me on the  
> drug of the day. Here we go again I'll see that look in someone  
> else's eye's when I talk about the Ibogaine. I swear do you know  
> how many people I've seen write down Ibogaine on a piece of paper  
> and them tell me that they are going to look it up? What's really  
> great is the way they look at cha after they have looked it up.  
> Maybe I shouldn't tell them about the Mindvox site until they get a  
> little more used to the idea. HA (At least I'm laughin' this  
> morning.) What fucks me up is these people really don't think I'm  
> that bad off. If I could really tell these assholes what was on my  
> mind..............Let's see last year I was..........na better not  
> say that. OK .............after I took the spaceship ride the  
> withdrawals went away and I felt pretty  
> good......................na can't say that either. OK when they  
> say how are you feeling today Mr. Faulconer I'll just say pretty  
> good. And when that fucker at the AA meeting says "Keep Coming  
> Back" I'll look him dead in the eye and say BLOW ME.
>         Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow   (George  
> Clinton)           Randy

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