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Yessir!...thatd be home of the Wildcats!  Just had Midnight Madness  here 
last weekend and they moved it to Rupp instead of Memorial so they got  like 20k 
people in there.  The horses are runnin at Keneland and the  leaves are 
turning now.  Football's going so-so, and everybody's starting  to get basketball 
fever...it's a good time to be in Lex. 
     Go big Blue, I love the basketball team. Poor  Tubbey tho!! They won't 
leave him alone. God I miss goin' to Keenland.
  Sadly enough, John shut the music side of Lygnas down a  couple years ago 
but a place called The Dame has done a lot to pick up the  slack.  Dame's 
downtown next to Buster's and a couple other new  bars.  Time's ticking on that 
place too cause that entire block is slated  to be demolished to make way for a 
new 20 story Westin hotel they gotta put in  cause of the World Equestrian 
Games comming here in 2010.  Fishtank's a  fairly new place, too, across from 
Lygnas that's worth checking out.   They're always having local bluegrass and 
jambands in and out of there...and a  Harmonica would fit in quite well. 

Is Lygnas on Woodland and Euclaid? It used to be a place called the Library  
back in the late 70's early 80's. I played there in 2000 with a band from Erie 
 PA. that was touring the east cost and was funded by some org. that was  
spreading info on Hep C. Little did I know that I had Hep C at the time. I was  
just there to jam. Good band, the guitar player kinda sounded like Stevie Ray  
tho, typical, but the bass player was the rip and we got along great. I was  
still  addicted to oxy's then but it went well.

And yes Gatewood!  I love his heart.  He truly is da man!   Back there in my 
'reading list / spill it' thread I mentioned reading an  article by a local 
activist/attorney who was talking about Oxy  addiction and Ibo...yep, that was 
Gatewood.  It's amazing how he's fought  the system for so long standing up for 
what he KNOWS is right.  Used to  be a free local kind of activist 
publication here called Snitch where he wrote  an article in every week.  The thing went 
under about ten months ago and  I can't say how much I miss reading his 
weekly articles  now

Gatewood is great dude and a friend of mine now. When I read that in your  
post somehow I knew it was Gatewood you were talking about. Dana Beal hooked the 
 two of us together. You gotta read his book, it's cool as hell, he grew up 
30  miles from where my family has a farm. We have a lot in common. How did you 
find  out about Ibogaine? It's way cool that somebody else from Lex is on the 
list.  I've been telling all the NY folks that not everbody in KY is a hay 
seed and  that Lex. is just as together as Manhattan is in many ways.
                  I'm goin' back to KY that's what I'm gonna do..........I'm 
goin' back to KY  where even the grass has got the blues.  I'm goin' back to 
KY ..they  smoke a ham that can make ya moan..........I'm goin' back to KY 
where  everything's better home grown...........  (Mine)   Love and  burgoo      
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