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Hey Randy, glad to see yer Mum's doin swell.  Mine had a scare  couple years 
ago over some heart stints which turned out to be a false  positive so 
everybody was a big WHEW!  Anyway...see yer mentioning my  town...none other than yes 
Lexvegas!  That wouldn't be Disco Biscuits  would it?  Tomo Tank Turner?  I'd 
almost be afraid if ya said yes to  both those! 

Don't tell me your from Lexington. I live in NY right now but I grew up in  
Lexington and have a bunch of friends and family in the area. I'll be back 
there  sometime in the near future. Nay it aint disco biscuits in reference to my  
handle, it's a play on an award that used to be given for the best harmonica  
player in the blues. The king biscuit award. I've played harp all over KY and 
am  looking forward to doin' it again. This time I'll play the guitar too and 
I've  got some origanals to thow at 'em. Do you know about Gatewood Galbrith? 
He be da  man!!!! He talks about Ibogaine at every opportunity.
                  Go big  BLUE                 Randy
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