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sorry Ron, I don't get you??

How do you mean stats on your sitch? run them by me if we're on the right 
track here, i'm not following the list much so ...


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>MY bad...I thought Brad was doing the research.  Any stats on my sitch?  If 
>you didn't catch the post,  I'll run them to you again.  Thanks.  
>Ron..sorry Brad
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>>your program sounds great and i think what you are doing is exactly what 
>>ibogaine requires, after all it is a tool which is used within a tight 
>>sociological setting in situ in gabon. Coupled with that it is a lack of 
>>emotional, and sociological aswell as psychological bases which often lead 
>>to peoples down fall in life in the first place.
>>I have found the same as yourself whilst working with ibogaine. After some 
>>three years I changed my method of working to encorporate a long term 
>>holding process, on average about three months of pre and post treatment 
>>support but as long as a year or more for others. Having been working in 
>>this way for three years afterward, i conducted a brief analysis of 
>>results over some 25 individuals ageing from 21-56. Long term prognosis 
>>had increased to aprox. 75% staying clean, which actually increased after 
>>a year to closer to 90%.
>>The reason for this was person specific, and as I looked over my notes 
>>from the early consultations the clarity of this for the particular person 
>>would become clear. Some people needed a wider sense of security, or more 
>>exactly had very little if any form of real security in their lives. So a 
>>little longer was needed for their soul if you like to set them back into 
>>a new holding environment, perhaps a better relationship for 
>>example.Therefore giving them back what they lacked in the first place. I 
>>know that in some of these cases if I had not been able to offer ongoing 
>>care the outlook would have been very different, which is a worry 
>>consideration. This result base has been recently published, but 
>>unfortunately only available in Italian at the moment.If anybody would 
>>like to know please contact me.
>>I use a transpersonal psychological model and training to aid this process 
>>and this adoption has made a world of difference, infact it is now where I 
>>intend to concentrate my focus. There are more providers out there by the 
>>month but no growth or little in support. If I could in any way do this it 
>>would give me a great deal of pleasure.
>>My conclusion is that without this long term pre and post perspective and 
>>facility, results are around about 40-50% success, simply because life 
>>skill, life knowledge are absent, there is nothing to fall back on, so 
>>really what can be expected.
>>What I have also learnt is that this support can be offered by telephone 
>>if necessary, and many of my clients who were not able to travel regularly 
>>used this service. What I would like to be able to do is offer this more 
>>widely, to people who are perhaps having treatment but lack the 
>>specialised support.
>>If any body has a response to this I would be very interrested. Some 
>>feedback would be probably fuel to me putting something of greater 
>>extension into place.
>>Sadly, over the years I have heard of cases of where I have guessed that 
>>poeple probably would have fared better if support was available, but 
>>these are still early days relatively.
>>Six years of working with ibogaine and three or more of those using 
>>therapeutic ongoing support have taught me a lot about the potential of 
>>this substance and the potentiated long term efficacy that goes with 
>>conducive and visionary support.
>>>From: Norman Brown <secundumvitae at yahoo.com>
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>>>Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 18:41:49 -0700 (PDT)
>>>Hi Randy,
>>>   Thank you for your comments!
>>>   We have found that a follow up program is essential for ibogaine. If 
>>>we had not been there for several of our clients they would have just 
>>>fallen back into their old patterns. It is mostly a process of showing 
>>>people options that they can choose for their lives and reconditioning. 
>>>Although we are not mainly a drug interuption program we feel that if 
>>>those that are drug interruption programs were to extend their program by 
>>>one week and gave a loving support therapy program there would at least 
>>>be a 50% increase in their success rate. We also feel from our experience 
>>>that it is possible to reach 95 to 98% sucess rate with ibogaine. (Of 
>>>course we have only been at this for one year and our statistics may 
>>>adjust over time.) It just takes the right follow up program. We have 
>>>treat over 40 people so far and are coming up on our one year anniversary 
>>>for several individuals who are living a happier life than ever before. 
>>>Out of 40 people we have only one who says that ibogaine
>>>  did nothing for them, although she is no longer obsessing about her 
>>>relationship that has been over for 5 years and she has moved on to seek 
>>>a new relationship, which is the reason that she did ibogaine in the 
>>>first place. If the client says it failed for them then we count it as a 
>>>   At this point we are not in a financial position to attend to our work 
>>>as a research facility, but when the funding becomes available we will do 
>>>more to document our work and then governments will have no excuse left 
>>>to say that ibogaine is not a reasonable therapeutic tool for not just 
>>>drug interuption.
>>>   Have a great day!
>>>   Norman
>>>BiscuitBoy714 at aol.com wrote:
>>>         In a message dated 10/18/2006 6:34:58 A.M. Eastern Standard 
>>>Time, secundumvitae at yahoo.com writes:
>>>     Our programs are a minimum of one month, which is the ibogaine 
>>>treatment followed up with a reprograming process which combines eastern 
>>>and western philosophy and psychology.
>>>   We have found that ibogaine is an excellent tool for life change 
>>>especially when suplemented with a program designed to accomplish just 
>>>   At this point we are not treating heroine addiction, there are plenty 
>>>of facilities around the world for that. We are not an "end my problem 
>>>and let me get on with my life" program. Not that there is anything wrong 
>>>with that. We are here to help people change their lives.
>>>   Norman, once again I have to say that what you are doing is so cool, 
>>>to put it plainly. Lots of us feel the same way here in the US, but it 
>>>being illegal to use Ibogaine it's almost impossible to achieve this 
>>>program. I know the people who were responsible in treating me had 
>>>something like this in mind but had to leave it up to me to implement it. 
>>>Well, I felt so great afterwards that I saw no reason for follow up 
>>>treatment. I found out later that this was not the case and have since 
>>>sought therapy and other means of improving my life and lifestyle. Maybe 
>>>your success will spur some financiers to start some follow up programs 
>>>like yours. We would have to go out of the states for the treatment then 
>>>immediately go into such an aftercare program. I think the results of 
>>>this would be so positive and the recidivism rates would be so low for 
>>>addiction that the FDA would have to rethink their stand on Ibogaine. I 
>>>know it sure would have helped me and saved me a lot of struggles.
>>>  My struggles continue but I remain steadfast in my belief that Ibogaine 
>>>could help untold amounts of people improve their quality of life for a 
>>>variety of ailments here in the US. It looks like that is what they are 
>>>doing in Vancouver, and kind of what Sara is doing in Amsterdam to me but 
>>>they can speak for themselves. I sure wish I could have gone to a program 
>>>like this. Hindsight is always 20/20.      Randy
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