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If your parents never used opiates,  it shows smarts has nothing to do w/ addiction. However,  they seemed to have passed the smart gene to you as well as the good person one.  Thanks for the Pm....wonder what Mom has to say about my sitch with her medical background?  They don't pass out nurse practitioner diplomas for nuthin'.
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    Hey Randy,

      You and your Momma are in my thoughts.

                            love to both of you, Jasen
  Jasen, Nick, Lee, Pat, and all of yalls that sent messages, I want to thank you for being so supportive. My Momma came out of the surgery very good. They took her gall bladder out with a laproscope and she should be home today. Maybe she will post here. For those of you who don't know my mother found out about Ibogaine and very gently pushed me towards it. She is so cool. She was there when I got treated and even got to take my blood pressure a couple of times. Her and my step father have been nothing but supportive to me and the movement and at their age I think it just goes to show the logic behind Ibogaine. Mamma retired at 62 and THEN got her RN's and nurse practitioners licence because it was what she was interested in. My step father has a doctorate in forestry and was a dean at the University of Kentucky. In other words they are both WAY smart. Both of them think Ibogaine is the best thing to ever happen to me. I agree with them. So thanx everybody and let the good times roll. 
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