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This speaks for itself

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of this was escaleted by Dana who responded to the question,  which btw
included you biscuitboy, agreeing with me when I first asked  it

Yea, I said something like that but this is taken out of context I think.  I 
was agreeing that Dana sometimes is hard on people on his side but I didn't  
mean it to be construed like that. What I meant was that Dana argues with the  
people that love him and are on his side. But that is the way things get  
ironed out. Sitting in his living room and discussing things sometimes get  very 
heated and at the time Dana had pissed me off about something. I didn't  mean 
to get on a bandwagon of bashing him. I knew it was a mistake as soon as  I hit 
send. Here's the deal with me anyway. My feelings on the matter. Dana  saved 
my ass and got me into the Ibogaine information that I needed without  knowing 
who I was, or even if I could handle what he was giving me. I was  desperate 
to get a treatment and had no place to turn. He gave me hope when I  was at my 
lowest. He didn't have to do that, he did it because he believed  that I as 
another human being was worthy of another chance at life. He was  right, I did 
deserve another chance at life and I have done the best I can to  pass that 
on. I love Dana like a brother and I guess sometimes it easy to be  hard on the 
people you love, BUT, it's OK for me to say something but NOT YOU.  LOL 
Everybody has their faults, Dana has his, and God knows I have mine.But,  in the 
long run when you look at what a person has done over a lifetime you  can see 
where their intentions lie. I think Dana's intentions speak for  themselves. I'm 
glad that I am on his side at that we are working towards the  same goal when 
it comes to Ibogaine. So with that I'll just say  ............... I work with 
a bunch of freaks and I'm proud of  'em.               Peace   love   and  
understanding               Randy

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