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Hi Randy,
  Thank you for your comments! 
  We have found that a follow up program is essential for ibogaine. If we had not been there for several of our clients they would have just fallen back into their old patterns. It is mostly a process of showing people options that they can choose for their lives and reconditioning. Although we are not mainly a drug interuption program we feel that if those that are drug interruption programs were to extend their program by one week and gave a loving support therapy program there would at least be a 50% increase in their success rate. We also feel from our experience that it is possible to reach 95 to 98% sucess rate with ibogaine. (Of course we have only been at this for one year and our statistics may adjust over time.) It just takes the right follow up program. We have treat over 40 people so far and are coming up on our one year anniversary for several individuals who are living a happier life than ever before. Out of 40 people we have only one who says that ibogaine
 did nothing for them, although she is no longer obsessing about her relationship that has been over for 5 years and she has moved on to seek a new relationship, which is the reason that she did ibogaine in the first place. If the client says it failed for them then we count it as a failure.
  At this point we are not in a financial position to attend to our work as a research facility, but when the funding becomes available we will do more to document our work and then governments will have no excuse left to say that ibogaine is not a reasonable therapeutic tool for not just drug interuption.
  Have a great day!

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        In a message dated 10/18/2006 6:34:58 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, secundumvitae at yahoo.com writes:
    Our programs are a minimum of one month, which is the ibogaine treatment followed up with a reprograming process which combines eastern and western philosophy and psychology. 
  We have found that ibogaine is an excellent tool for life change especially when suplemented with a program designed to accomplish just that.
  At this point we are not treating heroine addiction, there are plenty of facilities around the world for that. We are not an "end my problem and let me get on with my life" program. Not that there is anything wrong with that. We are here to help people change their lives.

  Norman, once again I have to say that what you are doing is so cool, to put it plainly. Lots of us feel the same way here in the US, but it being illegal to use Ibogaine it's almost impossible to achieve this program. I know the people who were responsible in treating me had something like this in mind but had to leave it up to me to implement it. Well, I felt so great afterwards that I saw no reason for follow up treatment. I found out later that this was not the case and have since sought therapy and other means of improving my life and lifestyle. Maybe your success will spur some financiers to start some follow up programs like yours. We would have to go out of the states for the treatment then immediately go into such an aftercare program. I think the results of this would be so positive and the recidivism rates would be so low for addiction that the FDA would have to rethink their stand on Ibogaine. I know it sure would have helped me and saved me a lot of struggles.
 My struggles continue but I remain steadfast in my belief that Ibogaine could help untold amounts of people improve their quality of life for a variety of ailments here in the US. It looks like that is what they are doing in Vancouver, and kind of what Sara is doing in Amsterdam to me but they can speak for themselves. I sure wish I could have gone to a program like this. Hindsight is always 20/20.      Randy

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