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Can you tell us something about your experimental Tabenanthe iboga research 
in animals and humans? What doses do you use in humans? And, are you using TI, 
ibogaine or both? Glad to hear there is an operation in Thailand.



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> Hi Brad,
>  We have had 2 people who have experienced this "delusions of grandeur" 
> phenomenon. The first one was a case of more than 6 years of depression to the 
> point of not being able to leave the bed some days. After Ibogaine there was 
> nothing that could touch her. She was perfectly content with whatever happened 
> in life, happy all the time. In our sessions we couldn't find anything to 
> talk about, she felt incredible. After about a month she fell on her face and we 
> went to work big time on the life problems. I can say 9 months later she is 
> doing well and has normal ups and downs as we all do, but no depression to 
> date.
>  By the time the second one came around (not wanting to repeat the first 
> one) we let her enjoy her state for a week and then brought her down to earth 
> and from there went to work on her life problems. She, by the way has not 
> touched any drugs for 6 months. She had smoked pot since she was 14, got into Coke 
> for a while, and had a year doing Meth-amphetamine.
>  Our programs are a minimum of one month, which is the ibogaine treatment 
> followed up with a reprograming process which combines eastern and western 
> philosophy and psychology.
>  We have found that ibogaine is an excellent tool for life change especially 
> when suplemented with a program designed to accomplish just that.
>  At this point we are not treating heroine addiction, there are plenty of 
> facilities around the world for that. We are not an "end my problem and let me 
> get on with my life" program. Not that there is anything wrong with that. We 
> are here to help people change their lives.
>  Sincerely,
>  Norman Brown
>  www.secundumvitae.com

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