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I  totally felt like a child again during ibo (pysicaly) but now its more  
psychologicaly.I see the world as pure again not full of hate and hardship.I  do 
of course realise that bad things happen and they do effect me but I seem  to 
be able to hold a balance in my mind instead of delving intodepression  about 
the wrongs of life including or especially my own and it roks!!Yes I was  
definatly overwhelming people with my 'I wanna heal the world' for the first  few 
weeks after but my best mates are now realising I'm actually doin  something 
about all my "deluded" plans and achieveing things in my way.I can  now after 
nearly 6weeks tone my ideas down,mostly,before they fly outta my  mouth!!so 
maybe a smudge of grandeur but no damage done!!

Tanz, don't let anybody change your mind for ya. What you want to do is  a 
beautiful thing. Keep it up. I think at least for me anyway, that I had  lived 
my life so overwrought with feelings of gloom and doom even though I have  
accomplished quite a few cool things, that having the burden of addiction lifted  
off so quickly is such a relief that we all felt the way you did and still do 
I  hope. At least those of us on methadone. Anyone involved with methadone in 
any  way knows how taxing it is to try and stop. I sincerely hope you continue 
your  plans to help others. I envy you for living in a country that Ibogaine 
can be  used freely in. Let me quote the most anointed one (Patrick). IBOGAINE 
ROX LIKE  AN OX.....so do you. Love and solidarity  
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