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I totally felt like a child again during ibo (pysicaly) but now its more psychologicaly.I see the world as pure again not full of hate and hardship.I do of course realise that bad things happen and they do effect me but I seem to be able to hold a balance in my mind instead of delving intodepression about the wrongs of life including or especially my own and it roks!!Yes I was definatly overwhelming people with my 'I wanna heal the world' for the first few weeks after but my best mates are now realising I'm actually doin something about all my "deluded" plans and achieveing things in my way.I can now after nearly 6weeks tone my ideas down,mostly,before they fly outta my mouth!!so maybe a smudge of grandeur but no damage done!!

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Yes...I too am very interested in this 'delusions of grandeur.'  Are we talking overly happy, overly optimistic, something towards hypomania? (a lesser degree of the mania stage of bipolars).  Are we talking about this person's responses being overly-energetic for the given conversation?  Very specifically interested in if this person considers themselves 'better than others', or if their ideas are better than others, or if their new personality tends toward overwhelming others in social situations.  Has this person remained as fair or biased/unbiased as they were before using too much Ibo? 
Does Ibogaine simply clear the brain of built up chems which lead to obsessive thoughts, allowing a person to gravitate toward happiness more easily?...Or does it somehow 'instill' a happier emotion in the form of a chemical byproduct of it's ingestion?...an effect which would most likely decrease over time. 
Have developed a great interest in exactly what Ibo does for a person chemically and psychically...and I believe that, specifically, the behavior of someone who has 'overdone it' would shed considerable light on Ibo's mechanisms and effects. 
Thanks so much

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After ibogaine many people modify their diets to healthier foods or healthier amounts of foods. 


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Seems odd to me, to call it that, since you are willing to wait until "opportune moment". 

A FOAF told me that she had done it again after six months, due to depression and wondering how much effect had been "used up" by the detox work. As a strange side effect, she found herself repelled by what had been her favorite food her entire life-sugar. She had eaten ice cream as a first food after the detox, but when she tried to eat a candy bar after the second session, she said it was overpowering and disgusting, and gave it to her companion. 

She claims to have hardly eaten any sugar at all since then (about 2 years), and as I know her former habits, I find that amazing.

So perhaps you have some unfinished business to clear up. Wait long enough. Don't go nuts doing it all the time. Delusions of grandeur seem to result-and you wouldn't want that. 

BTW, congratulations!


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