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After ibogaine many people modify their diets to healthier foods or healthier 
amounts of foods.


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> Seems odd to me, to call it that, since you are willing to wait until 
> "opportune moment".
> A FOAF told me that she had done it again after six months, due to 
> depression and wondering how much effect had been "used up" by the detox work. As a 
> strange side effect, she found herself repelled by what had been her favorite 
> food her entire life-sugar. She had eaten ice cream as a first food after the 
> detox, but when she tried to eat a candy bar after the second session, she 
> said it was overpowering and disgusting, and gave it to her companion.
> She claims to have hardly eaten any sugar at all since then (about 2 years), 
> and as I know her former habits, I find that amazing.
> So perhaps you have some unfinished business to clear up. Wait long enough. 
> Don't go nuts doing it all the time. Delusions of grandeur seem to result-and 
> you wouldn't want that.
> BTW, congratulations!
> Dodie

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