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Paul Brookshaw jiggy9 at hotmail.co.uk
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The prosses is going the same way here in Norwich UK.
The drug agencies can only seem to keep you addicted to Methadone. Keeps 
them in a job.

If you are serious about doing a rehab, you still have to be a statistic and 
get lots of counceling.

Keeps them in a job.

After you get clean and start to get your life back together, they still 
don't want to let you go as
you are said to need lots of Psycho Therapy.

Keeping more so called poffesionals in a job.

If man did not have a prepensity to self medicate, then there would be one 
hell of a lot of so called proffesionals looking for alternative employment.


Seems like a real bad ballance that one.

P.S. Howard,
                 No disrespect meant, but if the statistics that you get say 
that the UK is a low dose Methadone dosing Country, then how much is the 
average daily dose in the States?


Is that just keeping someone else in a job ?


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>What I heard recently is that the UK government are progressively giving up
>on trying to treat addiction through residential care. Funding is going 
>for rehab centres and places now harder to find if you don't have the money
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>   Funny statements=addicts are diseased and not worth helping.
>   We all started the same innocent and clean-we can all end the same with
>support and understanding.
>   HSLotsof at aol.com wrote:
>     Hi,
>     I am not sure what you mean by "that is one of the funniest statements 
>have read."
>     Howard
>     In a message dated 10/4/06 9:25:34 AM, jiggy9 at hotmail.co.uk writes:
>       That is not in keeping with the information I receive indicating the
>UK is a
>       low dose methadone country.  What is the average dose of methadone 
>       of in the UK?
>       Hell Howard, that is one of the funniest statements I have read.
>       An avarage Methadone dose here is 80ml. They try to drop you to 50ml
>if you
>       are willing, but most everyone gets 50ml to 100ml daily.
>       Cock up to many times with dirty samples and they flood you with the
>       devil.
>       Real glad I am out of all that shit once and for all.
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