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> > for those here who have never had the investigation prior to the

Nice on Nick.

The Human conditon. Learning. Conditioned Response. Creatures of habit.

Without feedback we would all be Alienated from each other, so let the 
debate continue.


>OK, maybe I'm just being a bit contentious here, but I want to say
something. It fucking bugs me when anyone, addict or otherwise, goes on some
pathetic rant about how "no one else can understand me or help me because
they are not the same as me." We are all the same, man. The human condition
is the human condition. This whole thing some people have about "not being
the same as me" is just another aspect of the basic behavioural pattern of
addiction. It's just a way of cutting yourself off from feedback, a way of
mentally isolating yourself. It's pure bullshit. Imo of course.

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