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I have spoke to you several times in the past, I've taken 660 mg for a few
years now. If you met me on the street you would not guess I was a junkie,
Methadone addict/patient, or anything particular. It has kept me clean given
my life back and fortunately, for me I have a Dr.(at Clinic)that
understands. From remarks I have read and seen made on this list, it is
apparent many are not as tolerant and "open-minded" as they would have us
believe. It took this muchMethadone for me to get to the place Dope was not
on mind every minute of every day. Approx. a year ago I asked the Dr. to
slowly start titrating me down. He was not pushing me to do it, he did OK,
while giving me the ability to stop if I wanted. I am down to 580 now and
holding for a while. These past few years, while on this dose, have been
wonderful for my family, wife and myself. The most continuity I have ever
experianced. After finding out my Testosterone level was exceedingly low ( I
am 55 ) and getting this under control, my wife and even have a wonderful
love life. I do not like the anchor, I am not telling you all is perfect,
just Much better than before. If my Dr. had not taken me to the dose level
he did I would not have lasted, and probably would not be here.
Brad Fisher

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I know someone on my drugwar list who is taking some incredibly huge amount
of methadone every day, prescribed, not bought off the street- I can't
remember if it's 300-something, or 600 something, but it's huge. I've seen
his script. I know he's not making this up.
When I wrote my "M is for Methadone" article, I compared such huge dosages
to Nazi experimentations, but now, knowing he's happy and productive at such
levels, I no longer feel that way.
I honestly believe that not everyone is supposed to not be using- and under
our current system, sometimes the only safe way to continue "using"
opiate-like substances is to take methadone, so more power to them.
I also believe that something like ibogaine should be available to those who
decide they want off or out from under the addictive effects of opiates.
But I think I'm merely stating the ultra-obvious with this email.
"America is not so much a nightmare as a non-dream.
The American non-dream is precisely a move to wipe
the dream out of existence.
The dream is a spontaneous happening and
therefore dangerous to a control system set up by
the non-dreamers."
William S. Burroughs
Peace, love, and respect,
Preston Peet

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my DONE is froma dr. not clinic (no rationale)]. but 15yrs and they expect
it to  do what the PDR states "givim 20 up gradually to 40 80 max.
Shannon, I got my done from a doc too and I never got over 80 mgs. that he
knows of. Now that doesn't mean I didn't have a connection and would do 200
sometimes, 'cause I did. Hell, when I was on the clinic in the late 80's and
early 90's I was doing 300 mgs. sometimes. I got detoxed in about a month
when I was on the clinic. It wasn't my idea believe me, and I couldn't sleep
right for a very long time unless I was drunk and then I just passed out. It
was hell. I was back on 'done for about 2 years while I was doing Interferon
for Hep C when I found out about Ibogaine, then I had to wait about another
9 months before I could set up treatment. The difference between the two
detoxes was like night and day. After I detoxed with Ibogaine I could sleep
in about 10 days. Not great but I could sleep, it just didn't seem like I
needed as much. I was able to drive myself to Manhattan and meet a lot of
the people I had become internet friends with in two weeks. (Prestons first
book release party was a blast) I guess what I'm trying to say in such a
round about way is that Ibogaine made it much easier to deal with. As far as
your friends go I'm sorry that they went out like that. It doesn't have to
happen that way though. Get a therapist, exorcize, stay on the list, go to
meetings, (did I say that?) and keep a support system around you and the
chances are real good that you can deal with what comes up. If you
fall.........get back up and have at it again. You seem like a strong
person, you can do this. My docs all told me that getting off of methadone
was almost impossible and that if I needed to come back for my scripts I
could. It was two years Sept. the 28th and I aint been back fir 'em yet.
I've screwed up some with alcohol and acted like an idiot but I stay in the
fuckin' game. YEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAA Can I get a witness!!!!!!!!!!! sorry
I had to do that.     Peace  Love  and  blues riffs        Randy

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