[Ibogaine] OT maybe Dreams

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I sometimes dream of singing and playing guitar, but more often "just" 
It usually leaves me feeling the exact same as if I've had a flying dream- 
relaxed, rested, and rejuvinated.

"America is not so much a nightmare as a non-dream.
The American non-dream is precisely a move to wipe
the dream out of existence.
The dream is a spontaneous happening and
therefore dangerous to a control system set up by
the non-dreamers."
William S. Burroughs
Peace, love, and respect,
Preston Peet

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I found the dream aspect of iboga interesting too.  What I saw during the 
ritual was definitely hallucinations, no doubt about it.   The interesting 
thing is that the character of my dreamstates has really changed.  After my 
iboga experience, my waking states are free of non-trivial negative thoughts 
and emotions.   So it seems really odd to me that I still get nightmares.  I 
had a lot of nightmares prior to taking iboga, but they were often chaotic, 
incoherent, and focused around a small set of 6 suddenly emergent memes 
(generally relating to massive scale disasters).   Now my nightmares are 
more elaborate and nuanced than they were before, sort of like a suspense 

In my view, this supports the idea that the dream is just the self-aware 
part of the brain watching the subconscious janitor dumping the 
neurochemical garbage at night, and trying to make sense of the resultant 
perceptual artifacts.   Or maybe it's all just bullshit, I have no idea. 
In the past I often feared that my nightmares might be a sign of some 
insidious underlying fault or unresolved conflict; now I choose to believe 
it's just my brain taking a nightly dump.

I do wish I could get some musical/aesthetic elements in my dreams; I'm 
envious of those who do.

On 10/14/06, BiscuitBoy714 at aol.com <BiscuitBoy714 at aol.com> wrote:
I've read about dreams on the list here lately. I think that Ibogaine kinda 
tweaks something in the brain that brings about lucid dreaming. I know it 
was hard for me to tell if I was dreaming or tripping during my treatment 
for methadone addiction. The hallucinations seemed so realistic to me. I've 
done boosters 3 times in the past couple of years and took a 6mg. per kg. 
mini treatment 4 months ago, so I don't know if what I experienced this 
morning has anything to do with Ibogaine or not. Well last night I had using 
dream and that always scares me but, in this dream I was playing the guitar 
and I remember thinking in the dream, " I need to remember these chords 
they're cool." I woke up this morning and the chords were still in my head 
and they go along perfect with some words I wrote about being in, and going 
to, Manhattan. There is a space for a harmonica lead and everything. I'm 
amazed. I've dreamed of music before but it always eluded me later. I wonder 
what the difference was this time?    Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will 
Follow (George Clinton)       Peace     Randy 

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