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Hey  Randy,sorry to hear your moms suffering. Hey I wanted to ask you about  
interferon ,someone was nagging me about getting treated ,how was your  
experience?love shell

   Hey Shell, talked to my Mom just a little while ago and she  sounded tired 
but OK. We don't know anything yet. Maybe tomorrow. It's Sunday  I'm sure 
they won't have anything conclusive yet. As far as Interferon goes I  hesitate to 
say it really sucked 'cause I have friends that had a lot worse  going than 
me but it wasn't fun. I took Pegases which was brand new when I got  it and it 
was easier on the body. The rebatrol pills that you have to take  seemed to 
hit me pretty hard. Now I was not doing real well at the time, I was  on 
Methadone at the same time. The docs gave me a months supply that I did up in  about 
10 days to two weeks then I would kick for long enough to feel dope and I  
would shoot oxy's and heroin, or do fentenal whatever till the next month. I  
raged myself out. My mother noticed what I was doing and saved my ass.  AGAIN   
If you take care of yourself and take vitamins and such  you will be a lot 
better off than I was. So just 'cause I say it sucked don't  keep yourself from 
getting the help you need. Anything specific you want to  know?    Peace Love 
and Light
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