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I'm sorry to hear about your Mom but I assure you that you can survive this
without drugs.  Feelings are meant to be felt, no matter what feelings they
are.  And as I learned last December, there is no such thing as a bad
feeling; they simply are what they are.  And trying not to feel them with
drugs is a bit of a mixed bag anyway. Drugs help to take the power out of
them in the short run but they have a way of coming out in some other
(usually destructive) form or washing over you in a wave later when you try
and avoid them that way.  The drug dreams are annoying and sometimes
disturbing; I still have them although I haven't done heroin in 3 and half
years now.  I suspect they may never go away but when I wake up, I am still
clean and not dope sick so ultimately they only have whatever power I give
them.  Hang in there bro.  You have some support here on the list.




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I honestly believe that not everyone is supposed to not be using- and under 
our current system, sometimes the only safe way to continue "using" 
opiate-like substances is to take methadone, so more power to them.
I also believe that something like ibogaine should be available to those who

decide they want off or out from under the addictive effects of opiates.
But I think I'm merely stating the ultra-obvious with this email.

Well Preston I think you know I agree with you. This morning I wish I had
some methadone. I don't want to be addicted but I sure wish I could get that
feeling of all is well I got from my 'done. My Mom got rushed to the
hospital last night. It looks like it's her pancreas. They're doing tests
right now and I guess we'll hear something in a little while but I'm scared.
My mind is going 1000 miles an hour. I didn't get to see her before she
left, I got up at 6:30 like always and she was gone with Boyd to the
hospital in Hudson so I'm freaking out pretty much. I don't know if I'll
ever be able to deal with life without thinking of, much less not doing
drugs to deal with bad feelings. I just realized I had a big shooting dope
dream last night too. It just now hit me. Needles with broken points that I
sharpened, using other peoples fits without being able to clean them out
good, all kinds of scary shit. Heroin, oxy's and at one point there was a
big jar full of hydrocodone that I just put water in and used a great big
needle to pull it up with. This is freaking me out. Why did I dream this? I
didn't know my Mom was sick then. God give me strength. I'm so worried about
my Mom I'm shaking.        Randy

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