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Thanks to the people responding to my posting.

On Sat, 14 Oct 2006 05:31:13 -0700 BiscuitBoy714 at aol.com wrote:
>... When I read what you said about your mother or parents, 
> whatever, I had to say to myself that never happened 
> to you what's your excuse? I was loved everywhere I went. 

It sounds like your family was more demonstrative than mine. 
Objectively I'm not sure how much of a role hardships at birth and 
during my first few years might have sensitised me to the way I was 

> I'm  curious about your aya experiences. Where you in Santa 
>Fe with Jeffrey Braumfman"s church? 

No. I know they are doing great things on the legal front.

> I'd like to experience aya myself 
>and  see where it takes me. Please tell me what you can, and send 
>it off list or whatever, just give me some insight on it. 
>I'd really like to know more about  aya. 

One interesting thing is that DMT, which is the hallucinogenic 
molecule in ayahuasca, occurs naturally in the brain in small 
quantities. There are three general ways of doing ayahuasca: 
brewing it from the net, doing it with a church, or doing it in a 
shamanic setting. When I tried it on my own I got a clear message 
that this was a waste of time for me, and that I needed to do it 
with other people to find healing. Music is a big part of the 
ayahuasca tradition. There's some of the church music at 
http://santodaime.org and my favorite shamanic music is "The Songs 
the Plants Taught Us" (on tape only) and the "Icaros" CD by Don 
Juan which is sold thru ebay (not listed at the moment however). 

Ayahuasca is much easier on the body than ibogaine. Overall I'd say 
it's less likely to force you beyond your limits, i.e. to places 
where fantasies or grand theories need to be constructed to help 
keep the ego together. Although there is a reason 'ayahuasca' 
translates to 'vine of death' - it can still be an uncomfortable 
glimpse of mortality. For me the ultimate effect seems to be a 
sense of community from doing it repeatedly with the same people.

There is a lot of ayahuasca info on the net. I would start with 
erowid for info on the ingredients, how it works, basic cautions, 

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