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Sat Oct 14 10:28:50 EDT 2006

I've read about dreams on the list here lately. I think that Ibogaine kinda  
tweaks something in the brain that brings about lucid dreaming. I know it was  
hard for me to tell if I was dreaming or tripping during my treatment for  
methadone addiction. The hallucinations seemed so realistic to me. I've done  
boosters 3 times in the past couple of years and took a 6mg. per kg. mini  
treatment 4 months ago, so I don't know if what I experienced this morning has  
anything to do with Ibogaine or not. Well last night I had using dream and that  
always scares me but, in this dream I was playing the guitar and I remember  
thinking in the dream, " I need to remember these chords they're cool." I woke  
up this morning and the chords were still in my head and they go along 
perfect  with some words I wrote about being in, and going to, Manhattan. There is a 
 space for a harmonica lead and everything. I'm amazed. I've dreamed of music 
 before but it always eluded me later. I wonder what the difference was this  
time?    Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow (George  Clinton)       
Peace      Randy
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