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I'm glad to know I  made someone laugh instead of being a bummer.  
I'll keep trying to be more cheerful than I have been in the past. I  
remember when I was a kid and I had a 78 record about a kid's  
birthday party where there was a clown that said:
"I used to be sad all the time until one day I looked at myself in  
the mirror and I've been laughing ever since". I keep trying but I'm  
not out of my depression quite yet to the point where I can laugh  
more than I  mope. Funny how you remember things like that.

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> --------------Military intelligence is an oxymoron. Radio hosts can  
> be "oxy-morons".-----------------------
> you made me laugh my ass off... thank you for that...
> lee
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> There is only love, all else is an  illusion.
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> Randy,
> What you say is all too true. The number one priority is profit  
> these days. I have been travelling the world on Google Earth and  
> have lately noticed disturbing images of the strip-mining of the  
> land for trees. Entire species of beneficial plants have probably  
> been destroyed. The profit motive seems to have had an effect on  
> the rainforests of South America; vast thousands of square miles  
> once covered with jungle are bare earth. Some places you can see  
> fire destroying the jungles and chaparral in the Google Earth  
> images. These sort of things just seem to give me a sinking feeling  
> that can only be remedied by shouting out how messed up things are  
> and questioning  "how can the science fiction scenarios of a future  
> desert earth be prevented"? It has geometrically increased in  
> proportions the clearing of land everywhere on earth, even the  
> Ibogaine bearing jungles of Gabon seem to have a lot of clear-cut  
> land, if you can make out the blurry images of that particular area  
> of the earth. Maybe the 10 or 15 percent of land the president of  
> Gabon has declared national parks will preserve the Iboga plants.
> My rants seem to come in cycles and yet I do see a trend towards  
> the better as far as getting the message out about Ibogaine, thanks  
> to UTube and all the other video sites now. I'm trying to work with  
> a half broke computer, a half broke digital camcorder and iMovie to  
> start some of my own video uploads, which has been a way to raise  
> my own spirits.  But I keep getting the urge to speak out since  
> there are people with some say in the goings on in the overall  
> medical community that they need constant prodding. Days go into  
> weeks into years since I have been reading about Ibogaine. It is  
> only starting to appear on the Internet Video radar screen, and I  
> hope the news keeps positive. I totally commend the efforts of  
> everyone involved and especially Howard and Dana for getting the  
> ball rolling back in the 80's.
> What ever happened to that guy in the video running off like that I  
> don't know, but I hope that a bunch of hoaxes don't start  
> appearing. My take on it was that maybe the guy had just enough Ibo  
> to get him a little wobbly or slow to react to instructions, but it  
> really did seem like he wasn't all there in his mind when he was  
> getting splashed. I don't know personally about Ibogaine as far as  
> coordination goes but it would probably make someone fall on their  
> face if they tried to run. The yelling seemed to resonate with my  
> own feelings of youthful exuberance I still feel inside at times.  
> At least when I wake up in the morning now, I don't feel that  
> depressed any more nor do I feel sick. It is such a relief. Still,  
> I would rather be as happy as what I imagine Ecstasy would be like,  
> really, but I don't want to seek that drug out.  There is nothing  
> available that could come close. That is as much as a change in  
> perception my mind craves after all this time of not really having  
> any fun for any extended period of time. That is sort of how I want  
> my mind to be free from this depression. It is hard to be  
> constantly worrying that something will go wrong because in the  
> last 14 or more years, I have had to deal with loss after loss of  
> friends and family. World affairs on the news make me upset also.  
> Nobody with any real power seems to have much emotional  
> intelligence, let alone strategic intelligence. Military  
> intelligence is an oxymoron. Radio hosts can be "oxy-morons".
>  These issues keep me bummed out enough of the time, that I need to  
> vent occasionally.  It is something that I would hope that I could  
> get over with Ibogaine and the right sort of talk therapy. I just  
> don't like it when you go to a psychiatrist and you have to do all  
> the talking even after many sessions. I will have to look harder  
> for a more interactive type of counseling. I don't like group  
> therapy. I tried that a very long time ago and it was annoying at  
> best. Well in a way this forum kind of serves that purpose and it  
> is a lot to my liking. Back a long time ago, it was just the time  
> of my life and the mixed bag of problems of everyone to deal with.  
> Here there is a common concern. I hope that I can lighten up and  
> somehow be my old self and the self I am in my nightly dreams. At  
> least I can dream now. The pills seemed to stifle the REM sleep I  
> used to get before I started with them.  I wonder if Ibogaine has  
> any effect on boosting memory in the long term after the treatment.  
> I have been getting worse about spelling lately.
> Peace,
> Warren
> On Oct 12, 2006, at 4:10 PM, BiscuitBoy714 at aol.com wrote:
>> In a message dated 10/12/2006 5:22:40 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
>> wleetheriot at comcast.net writes:
>> And once again I repeat my concern that if the big pharma  
>> companies of the world continue to sell and promote the use of  
>> opioid analgesics then they also have the responsibility to  
>> provide a humane medicine that alleviates the suffering  caused by  
>> the over use of those narcotic analgesics. That means pull your  
>> heads out of yer butts, FDA, and legalize Ibogaine treatment  
>> centers in the USA!.
>> I feel the same way Warren but sad to say that over the time of my  
>> treatment for addiction with Ibogaine until now (2 years) I have  
>> been drug down by the apathy I have seen on the part of a lot of  
>> people. I'm not about to point any fingers, those who feel guilty  
>> probably should, but it seems to me there ought to be some kind of  
>> recourse. I was quite a zealot with my rants when I first got over  
>> the methadone. I wrote a FUCK the DEA/FDA rant just about weekly.  
>> Now it seems like there is not much we can do about it. Treatments  
>> happen regardless. The people who are motivated enough find a way.  
>> Well that sucks really when you think about it because one of the  
>> things about opiates is the lethargy involved in them. I think it  
>> goes along with what Nick has to say about the pharm industry in  
>> general, and I've heard Howard say it too, the pharmacy industry  
>> is in business to make money, they have to answer to stock holders  
>> for their profit margins first, the general welfare of the public  
>> is a distant second if that. It depresses me to write this shit  
>> but it's true, but Ibogaine awareness is slowly spreading, lets  
>> hope it takes on a life of it's own and the logic of it will  
>> prevail.       Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow  (George  
>> Clinton)           Randy

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