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That guy John Harison just forgot you. MindVox has all the photos in
sequence (strange for MindVox ;) you and your joint are more on the
first page then anybody. 



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> Hi all,
> From the very positive article by John Harrison (maps • volume xvi
> number 
> 2 • Autumn 2006) about this year's ibogaine conference in NYC comes
> the 
> following paragraph:
> >The opening day session culminated in an extraordinary and spirited 
> >political panel which included Dmitri Mugianis (ibogaine treatment
> provider 
> >and former patient), Lotsof, Douglas Greene and the peripatetic Dana
> Beal 
> >(Cures Not Wars). Saturday evenings reception featured the powerful 
> >documentary Ibogaine: Rite of Passage, by film-maker Ben de Loenen.<
> I coulda sworn I was sitting there spiritedly contributing to that
> final 
> panel discussion too, but it may have been all that pot I'd just
> rolled up 
> into the joint I think I was using as my baton to emphasis my point,
> and was 
> actually really wanting to smoke instead, clouding my mind and
> leaving me 
> THINKING I was really on that panel.
> Could someone please confirm for me whether I was really on that
> panel or 
> not? Or was I having my first and only real, genuine post-tripping, 
> hallucinogenic flashback? Otherwise I'm gonna be one confused
> individual for 
> at least the rest of today. Thanks kindly.
> ;-)))
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> The dream is a spontaneous happening and
> therefore dangerous to a control system set up by
> the non-dreamers."
> William S. Burroughs
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> Subject: [Ibogaine] in praise of the ibogaine forums
> For those of you who may not have linked to the Multidisciplinary 
> Association on Psychedelic Studies article on the NYC 2006 Ibogaine
> Forum, I 
> have copied the text, though you will have to select the link below
> to view 
> photographs. The NY Forums allowed for the first presentation of
> ibogaine 
> safety data by Dr. Jeffrey Kamlet and a review of dose regimens of
> different 
> providers by Howard Lotsof.
> The New York Forums have been exceptionally well done.  My
> understanding is 
> that the 2007 forum may be held in another city and I hope we can
> find a 
> venue as exciting as Alex Grey's Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. All of the
> participants are thankful to the work of Dana Beal in organizing
> these 
> events.
> Howard
> In a message dated 9/29/06 3:03:44 AM, freedomroot at gmail.com writes:
> 2006 NYC Ibogaine Conference
> John Harrison, Psy.D. (candidate)
> The skies were a slippery gray and the air was wintry cold on the
> February 
> weekend of the 2006 NYC Ibogaine Conference. The chilly weather,
> though, did 
> not in any way inhibit the fervent and passionate panel discussions
> and 
> genuine warm vibes that permeated the gathering.
> I am currently preparing a program evaluation protocol for ibogaine 
> treatment clinics in Canada (Iboga Therapy House) and Mexico (Villa
> Serena) 
> for my dissertation at the California Institute for Integral Studies
> (CIIS). 
> As a witness to the healing potential of ibogaine, I have sought to
> work 
> with providers to help them better analyze the variables that affect
> the 
> long-term outcome of ibogaine treatment.
> Thus, I was delighted to be immersed in the diverse and colorful
> assembly of 
> journalists, researchers, street providers, neurologists,
> psychologists, 
> physicians, activists, artists and successful veterans of ibogaine
> treatment 
> that joined me at the conference. The positive energy was palpable
> and as 
> the conference unfolded, the various presenters articulated the
> breadth of 
> interest in this little root from the Tabernathe iboga plant from
> West 
> Africa. MAPS members and Bulletin readers are most likely familiar
> with the 
> potential of ibogaine to reduce drug craving and its concomitant
> symptoms, 
> and the political and financial obstacles hindering its
> accessibility.
> Jeffrey Kamlet, M.D., (ibogaine treatment provider) and Patrick
> Kroupa 
> (ibogaine activist and founder of Mindvox) opened the proceedings
> with a 
> crash course in Ibogaine 101. Dr. Kamlet, who is currently President
> of the 
> Florida Society for Addiction Medicine, impressed mightily with his 
> unimpeachable medical expertise. Jeff spoke in depth about safety, 
> particularly emphasizing medical prescreening prior to ibogaine 
> administration. Patrick Kroupa captivated the crowd with his
> unfaltering 
> integrity and honest self-disclosure regarding his own tortuous
> process 
> through addiction. Declaring “ibogaine is a gift,� Kroupa also
> reiterated 
> that “ibogaine is more than detox; it’s a catalyst, not a
> cure.� Patrick’s 
> street credibility and his insight into the human toll of addiction
> was a 
> poignant and profound balance to Dr. Kamlet’s clinical knowledge.
> Truly a 
> formidable tandem of truth from two who have been in “the belly of
> the 
> beast!�
> Medical journalist Brian Vastag discussed the circuitous route of
> ibogaine’s 
> “forty years of flirtation with legitimacy� as a viable treatment
> protocol 
> for heroin addiction.
> John Harrison and Howard Lotsof, who first discovered ibogaine as a
> viable 
> treatment for heroin addiction in 1962, at the NYC Ibogaine
> Conference (see 
> photo)
> Beal opined, "supporting and legitimizing clinics in Canada and
> Mexico will 
> have the effect of embarrassing the United States by saying 'why
> everywhere 
> else but not here?'" (sidebar)
> Kenneth Alper, M.D., (NYU Associate Professor of Psychiatry and
> Neurology) 
> presented a sweeping discourse on ibogaine’s mechanisms of action
> on the 
> human brain. Dr. Alper presented a sampling of his scientific
> research while 
> making the case for clinical trials in the U.S. Ken managed to convey
> challenging, complex, and important data in straightforward language
> that 
> both the novices and the experts in the audience could comprehend.
> Introduced as special visitors to the conference were physicians and 
> treatment providers Drs. Alberto Sola and Adolfo Martinez from Villa
> Serena, 
> an ibogaine treatment center in Cancun, Mexico. As activist Dana Beal
> opined, “supporting and legitimizing clinics in Canada and Mexico
> will have 
> the effect of embarrassing the United States by saying ‘why
> everywhere else 
> but not here?’�
> Howard Lotsof, the sagacious and insightful ‘Grandfather of
> ibogaine’ gave a 
> comprehensive slide presentation on the history, politics, policy,
> profit, 
> prejudice, and science of ibogaine. Lotsof, who first discovered
> ibogaine as 
> a viable treatment for heroin addiction in 1962, reflected the tone
> of the 
> gathering by emphasizing inclusiveness, and by celebrating the common
> goal 
> of making this valuable medicine available to the people who would
> most 
> benefit from safe and unencumbered access.
> The opening day session culminated in an extraordinary and spirited 
> political panel which included Dmitri Mugianis (ibogaine treatment
> provider 
> and former patient), Lotsof, Douglas Greene and the peripatetic Dana
> Beal 
> (Cures Not Wars). Saturday evenings reception featured the powerful 
> documentary Ibogaine: Rite of Passage, by film-maker Ben de Loenen.
> Then, on Sunday the conference shifted to the wonderful and inspiring
> environment of Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (COSM) on W.
> 27th 
> Street. Grey’s vivid colors and breathtaking images provided
> appropriate and 
> stimulating surroundings for topics and presentations that included 
> “Ibogaine as a Source of Revelation� (an exploration of the
> spiritual 
> dimension of ibogaine), and “Ibogaine for Self-Development,�
> featuring 
> authors Lee Albert and Daniel Pinchbeck. Others included, “Ibogaine
> and the 
> Ritual of the Bwiti,� “Iboga Visions,� (including a discussion
> of the 
> oneirophrenic or dreamlike phase of an iboga session), and a
> fantastic 
> “Unexplanation of Ibogaine and Sacred Art,� featuring the
> stunning and 
> visionary work of artists Geerte Frenken, David Hunter, and of course
> the 
> inimitable Alex Grey.
> Though the opinions shared and discussed in NYC were hardly
> monolithic, the 
> enthusiastic debate around the interface of health and politics and
> the 
> occasionally sharp ontological deliberations seemed to foment what
> was 
> already an unmistakable esprit de corps and camaraderie amongst the
> highly 
> energized attendees.
> As for myself, the weekend left me feeling honored and inspired to
> meet so 
> many learned, sensitive, and committed people who, though the work
> they do 
> is often solitary, found hope and encouragement in this encounter
> with so 
> many likeminded and like-hearted individuals.
> As Lee Albert said so eloquently as the conference came to a close,
> “we grow 
> in the spirit or die in the body.�
> *******
> Also see
> http://www.ibogaine.org/nyc2006.html
> Conference photos available from 
>  [%] Ibogaine List Commands:
> http://ibogaine.mindvox.com/IbogaineList.html [%]

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