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>I do not regard Methadone or LAAM or Subcutex a reasonably humane way to 
>treat addiction as it only prolongs the time of the addiction.<

Sorry Warren, but I HIGHLY disagree with the above sentence.
Not everyone is ready to "kick" or "quit" using their opiates or whatever 
their drug of choice. I am firmly against the idea that we have to force 
people to stop using whatever it is that helps them feel more 
human/better/numb/whatever, and worse that giving opiate addicted people 
methadone or Subcutex or whatever other maintainance drugs are out there if 
they are not ready to stop using. Why would anyone want to force others to 
stop taking these drugs, simply because one doesn't like said drugs or the 
companies that make said drugs? In an ideal world, instead of decrying the 
use of said drugs and maintainance programs, we'd simply legalize and offer 
ALL options to anyone READY and WANTING to quit using.
Each to their own pace of course.
"America is not so much a nightmare as a non-dream.
The American non-dream is precisely a move to wipe
the dream out of existence.
The dream is a spontaneous happening and
therefore dangerous to a control system set up by
the non-dreamers."
William S. Burroughs
Peace, love, and respect,
Preston Peet

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In modern industrialized societies, the environmental hazards of chemicals 
used in the work [and home] environment is something for concern. So the 
environment in which we live in modern society comes with many invisible 
hazards Here is a link for more information:

Anyway, there are as many ways to cause disease that are part and parcel of 
military action in the Mid-East as there are ways to prevent disease or 
treat disease. [the use of Depleted Uranium and now the use of a new weapon 
system that uses highly carcinogenic Tungsten-Cobalt-Nickel alloy powder 
mixed into the explosive charge to increase the explosive force in small 
kill-zones] Plus they have built guns that shoot up to a million rounds per 
second.  [video on UTube or Spikedhumor.com] The rounds can be made of lead, 
Depleted Uranium or a newer technology of carbon fiber/metal rounds filled 
with explosives and tungsten-alloy powder to increase the blast force in a 
smaller radius. Pure Tungsten has not definitely shown to be carcinogenic in 
metal form, but Cobal and Nickel synergistically increase Tungsten's 
carcinogenic properites. Personally, I would recommend  avoiding contact 
with burned lightbulb filaments and the tungsten oxide power formed. 
Information gained from using Google.
And once again I repeat my concern that if the big pharma companies of the 
world continue to sell and promote the use of opioid analgesics then they 
also have the responsibility to provide a humane medicine that alleviates 
the suffering  caused by the over use of those narcotic analgesics. That 
means pull your heads out of yer butts, FDA, and legalize Ibogaine treatment 
centers in the USA!. Otherwise, the hypocritic oath of first do no harm is 
being violated by the promotion of addicting drugs without a reasonable, 
humane treatment for addiction. I do not regard Methadone or LAAM or 
Subcutex a reasonably humane way to treat addiction as it only prolongs the 
time of the addiction. If I were to take a poll of people treated with 
Ibogaine and compare their stories to the people who managed to get off 
methadone without any help from anyone, which group would describe the detox 
and rehab times of their lives as  time spent with less suffering and with 
more positive attitudes about their futures? Sending someone out on the 
street with a directive to cut back on methadone, results in more suffering, 
without something like Ibogaine. It seems that Methadone only works for 
about 3 years before the tolerance becomes too great and it becomes 
ineffective in maintaining the addict's quality of life above that of 
feeling chronically ill.
How many people are just told to suffer it out and get over it: the 
withdrawal symptoms? Granted the current status quo on Ibogaine is that it 
needs careful dosing and trained individuals to supervise the treatment. But 
how many years has it been on the radar screen as an addiction interrupter 
and what year is it now in the USA? How many more lives have to suffer from 
addiction and for how long? And a National Healthcare system would go a long 
way to restore the quality of life to the millions of Americans without any 
medical insurance or the under-insured. It was a criminal act against the 
American people bordering on Treason in my opinion when Congress passed laws 
making it nearly impossible to declared bankruptcy when a person without 
insurance goes broke from medical bills from an unforseen illness or 
accident. Yes, Treason, Congress!!!!!!!! Bastard Pedarasts!

On Oct 12, 2006, at 4:33 AM, edward conn wrote:

i think scepticism has to fall on both sides of the fence, and for sure 
there is no cure it all for everything all of the time especially when it 
comes to diseases, illnesses or whatever of which we still know so little.

however, i have used hulda clarks herbal method with someone who was 
concurrently being treated for lymphatic cancer, aswell as backing this up 
with basic alternative health therapy, and the person this day is still in 

I don't know what it was that did it for her, the herbs from a supplier 
including tinctures cost all of 30 quid. i'm not able to assess her 
physically, how many doctors are or do even to the degree to which we would 

It used to be only a few years ago that the great search for the cancer 
causing genes was under way (the genetics revolution), now we're seeing how 
scientists are far more readily accepting the sudden changes in our 
environment as potential causative factors in what has been a generational 
boom in cancer rates. How can that be genetic?? It has to be environmental!! 
But what the papers are fed are what is hot at the time or sourced fro 

So it pays for all fo us to be well informed and maybe not to jump to any 
conclusions but to at least weigh up the wider factors and try and see a 
causative factor, that way atleast we can build up a picture of 

Getting lost in scepticism is still getting lost.

By the way i used to be so pro alternative and all anti medical, but over 
time i've seen that it is far from that oblique.

people go into remission all the time, its just happened in my own family, 
and that was purely through chemo. thats taught me some real lessons, and I 
think we can forget the good what doctors do all the time, jesus where would 
we be also without them??


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Hi Carlton,

I appreciate what you're saying here, but I also have to say that I have
witnessed full-blown terminal cancer go into complete remission from "new
age" non-invasive therapies. Be careful you don't throw the baby out with
the bath water. The pharm business have ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in
treating cancer effectively, the same true for a multitude of other
degenerative conditions. Their entire business is rooted in the temporary
relief of symptomology, and they will NEVER back an effective treatment for
it would wound them financially. They are shareholder based structures, with
legally enforced rights to only pursue profit-worthy ventures. They cannot
pursue effective treatments, they are not allowed to legally. It's the dark
side of capitalism, man, and it has nothing to do with medicine.


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  On 10/11/06, marko <marko at phantom.com> wrote:

    I must not forget plenty of scam artists (and everything else, too!) on
this list, including me... claims that one single dose of IBOgaine can
"cure" years or even decades of addiction?

  Yes, along with a number of peer-reviewed multidisciplinary studies, as
well.   Perhaps if Hulda Clarks' studies were validated by anyone besides
Hulda Clark over the past 20 years she's been claiming that AIDS is caused
by worms, well...

    Shortly, it's the easiest thing in the world to declare someone a scam
artist (and everything else, too!) without trying his/her system or
teaching/curing. Without feeling results for oneself.

  I don't have to feel it for myself, I can just read on quackwatch about
the people whose cancer worms she's promised to cause, collected money, and
watched them die.   Who has she cured?  Nobody.

    The point is.... here we go again.... that anyone promoting anything
from which The Pharmaceutical Industry doesn't profit, is declared a scam
artist (and everything else, too!).

  If AIDS were really caused by worms as Clark says, the pharmaceutical
industry would be richer than God, because they own the rights to all the
vermicidal/anti-parasite drugs as well as AZT, etcetera.   So that reasoning
doesn't really hold water either.   Failing that, we have only the remaining
theory that Clark's ideas are so scathingly brilliant that everyone who
agrees with them has run away and hidden under a rock.   Doesn't this set
off your bullshit detector a tiny bit?

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